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Personal Comments on the Lindsey Williams Interview

Nov 05, 2009

I did not intend to end on such a sour note in the Lindsey Williams interview, but I ran out of space. So I am continuing here with more positive comments.

The so-called "elite" in the world form the real but hidden elitist government using the political leaders as their "front." This Club is not uniform in their beliefs or goals, but they do work together and have one thing in common--the goal to eliminate Christianity and (eventually) all religions that compete with Luciferianism.

As overcomers, we are called not only to overcome the flesh in our personal lives, but also to lay claim to the whole earth for the Kingdom of God. It is here that we find ourselves in conflict with the "other side."

They have all the political and monetary power; we have the authority of Jesus Christ. It appears from the interview that the Church has been given another two years in which to repent of their lawless ways (anomia). I do not think they will do so, because I believe it is God's intention to cast out the bondwoman (Jerusalem) before turning things around. In fact, it seems more and more that this is the event that will finally trigger a major repentance (change of thinking) in the Church.

Keep in mind that plans change, and not every plan comes to fruition. Only God's plan is perfect. Man's plans change. So we see from the interview that the plan in early 2008 was to bring this to a climax right about now, but that the elite now believe they can do so in about two years from now.

Likewise, the original plan did not really include a war with Iran, but now it does. Because Iran is Persia, and Persia overthrew Babylon, I would have been quite surprised if Iran had been left out of the equation. I have been teaching about the role of Iran since the late 1970's.

The apparent plan is to impoverish Americans (including the Church), in order to prevent them from having the resources necessary to lead a revolt. I suspect that we will soon see a media blitz against some Church or evangelist, showing corruption, lavish life style, and the fact that they got rich by paying little or no tax. The government will then begin the push to remove the tax-exempt status of all 501(c)3 church organizations.

Since most people have been conditioned to give money only to "legitimate" churches (i.e., those with the government paperwork), this will have the effect of bankrupting many churches.

The only surviving churches will be those whose supporters are not motivated primarily by the tax receipt.

This past year, I was going by the assumption that Sept-Oct of 2009 would see the convergence of The Perfect Storm of events. This was indeed the elite's plan, but now it appears that we have another two years in which to do our work of calling the Church to repentance. It now makes more sense when we observe the pattern of Elisha that has been playing out since last April.

The Elisha pattern is a series of 16 miracle-signs (double that of Elijah), and we have only covered the first 5 so far. I think that #6 will occur in December, and #7 at the Passover season in 2010. So essentially, if I am correct, it will take an entire year to cover the first 7 signs in the story of Elisha. That's not quite half of them. So it could actually take another year before all 16 are accomplished.

These prophetic matters are foundational to our work of countering the elite's plan to rule the earth. I have long felt that when times get rough, God will raise up His people with the empowerment necessary to counter all that the elite may do. And while it may seem as if they are winning, their kingdom is being eroded at the foundations by a hidden, spiritual work.

I find that God has quite a sense of humor. The elite have conspired secretly to rule the world, and God has a secret counter-conspiracy to undermine them! Both are quite hidden from the average person.

So all I can say is that we will continue to do what we are called to do as long as God provides for us and empowers us to do the work. I will continue to teach the Word, which is a light to our path (Ps. 119:105), guiding us in the ways of God. I will continue to teach the Law, so that men may know how to repent and how to be obedient. I will continue to apply the Word in daily ministry as I am led to "do this" and "go there."

I am confident that we are on the winning side in this conflict. God knows every secret plan of those who hate Him, and He laughs at their arrogance (Ps. 2:4). Even so, I feel sorry for all the people who do not know God as we do, because the days ahead could be quite frightening to them. People are afraid of the dark, the unknown, and when they do not know the divine plan, their hearts will fail them from fear (Luke 21:26).

Those who do not know the divine plan are probably better off not knowing the plan of God's enemies as well. To know too much of the enemy's plans, without a corresponding knowledge of the divine plan, is not healthy to the heart. It is more important to know God's plan. But because God's plan includes a counter-conspiracy to entrap the enemy in his own devices, it is helpful to know both plans.

I hope that what I present is a balanced view. I do get criticism from both sides, some who think I should say nothing about the enemy plans, and others saying that I don't say enough about it. I have done my best to find the balanced diet and pray that you will forgive me if the buffet is not quite perfect.

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