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Palestinian New State Solution

Nov 16, 2009

It appears that the Palestinian government is planning to go to the United Nations and request Statehood, in much the same manner that created the Jewish state in 1947.


As long as the "two-state solution" is eternally bogged down by Jewish settlers claiming the top of all the hills, and dependent fully upon Israeli agreement, it will never be possible. They should have understood this from the beginning. But then, so far, this "two-state solution" has been used only to buy more time to settle more Israelis on Palestinian land and make the "solution" impossible.

So the plan to bypass the Israeli government altogether is really the only feasible plan in sight. Now that the Israelis have lost the hearts of most other nations, on account of their war crimes, their success will depend largely upon whether the USA vetoes the U.N. bill or not. If they do, it will be an Israeli success, but American will then lose all remaining respect among the other nations. It will prove to all that America's foreign policy was as duplicitous as the Israeli policy.

If, however, it looks like the Palestinians will win U.N. approval, watch for another war displace the Palestinians into Jordan, so that once again, a two-state solution becomes impossible. In such an event, this may prove to be the last-ditch attempt to establish the counterfeit Israel Kingdom, and could prove to the beginning of the end of it.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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