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Mike Vincent Gets a Promotion

Nov 19, 2009

Our good friend, Mike Vincent, has been known to us for many years as "Mississippi Mike." He died today, November 19, 2009.

Mike had followed and supported the Gospel of the Kingdom for many years. Most recently, about a year and a half ago, he had been asked to pastor the First Covenant Church in Irving, TX. Last winter he arranged for me to hold a conference there in April, but then he had heart surgery that did not go well. So that conference was cancelled before we even announced it.

His position has been filled now by Tom Rolland, who picked up the ball and arranged for us to hold a conference at the church on Dec. 4-6.

Mike had a desire to live to see the "fireworks" coming upon the earth. But he was also ready to go, and was fully at peace. About a week ago, our friend Hila had a dream that Mike had died. She wrote: "The Lord had me at his funeral, and it was so full of joy and was in bright colors."

That's the way all Christians should go. We will miss him, but we will see him again.

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