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John Jones Dies in the Birth Canal

Nov 30, 2009

On November 25 I reported the story of John Jones, a spelunker (one who explores caves) who got stuck in "the birth canal" of a cave. He was unable to be extracted and died on Nov. 26. His funeral was to be held on Saturday, Nov. 28.


As I wrote a week ago, we are entering a time of death and resurrection signs. This particular story is a major sign of this, but in the bigger picture we have been seeing many deaths this year.

Even so, the above story caught my eye for two reasons. First, he died in "the birth canal." Second, his name was Jones, so I feel some connection with him on a spiritual level.

While the story on the surface is tragic, and condolences are in order, there is a larger story here. In this larger story, death is not the end of the matter. Death is the prerequisite to resurrection. Because this is just an earthly sign of spiritual events or conditions, it is often the case that more than one person is involved to fulfill the entire sign. In this case, John Jones fulfilled the death portion of the sign, while others may be involved in the resurrection portion in the next two months or longer.

Of course, in the long-term, all will be raised from the dead at various times, so in that sense everyone who dies will also fulfill the resurrection side of the sign eventually.

Back in 1981, I experienced a type of "death." The events toward this began on November 12 and accelerated after Thanksgiving, culminating on December 4. Because I was in Las Cruces at the time, I refer to December 4 as "Crucifixion Day.'

So now in 2009 we are seeing the same pattern emerge, because the beginning of the new Prophetic Year started on November 12, 2009 (same as in 1981). This 76-day cycle will end January 27, 2010.

It is not too surprising, therefore, to see a major sign of the death of "Jones" at the time of Thanksgiving, November 26. I do have reason to take this sign personally, but keep in mind two main features:

1. Another "Jones" took my place as the sign. God spared me by using a Jones substitute. God bless him and reward him for his intercessory work on my behalf.

2. The Resurrection Factor gives us Hope (expectation) that there is life after death. Death is not the end of the matter. In fact, it is necessary in order to see resurrection.

The picture is still unfolding, so we do not yet have all the pieces of the puzzle. But we do know the word of the Lord. Having seen this in the past, we know how the story ends. The difference is that back in 1981, I was being evicted from the church, and because I had been in a calling that was not mine (pastor), I was given a 414-day "cursed time" discipline. (This factor is not applicable today, so we need not wait an extra year before seeing "resurrection.")

This extended from Dec. 4-5, 1981 to January 22-23, 1983, when we arrived in Arkansas for a new life and ministry.

Then I was given a 76-day period to April 8-9, 1983 in which to do some reconciliation with the past, before the Father allowed me to actually settle in at my new job as a typesetter in Arkansas. It is likely that these dates will all prove to be important in 2010.

Now back to the current news of the spelunker. . . In that the man died in "the birth canal," it speaks also of the birth of the Manchild. While it looks disastrous (in that he died), we must keep in mind that the overall theme includes resurrection. So it is not really a bad sign in the big picture, though obviously it is tragic for the man himself and his family.

When someone is stuck in the birth canal, the normal procedure is to take the baby by caesarian birth. Ron was talking about this at the Feast of Tabernacles in October. You see, Julius Caesar was born in this manner, and that is how we get the term "caesarian."

Julius Caesar's great moment came when he "crossed the Rubicon." Julius Caesar was a general assigned to another province in the Roman Empire, and it was unlawful for him to cross the Rubicon uninvited by the senate. Thus, when he did so, it was the point in his life where he would either succeed or be executed for treason. It was said then that "the die is cast."

Hence, this expression came to mean "the point of no return."


Ron talked about "crossing the Rubicon" and "the die is cast." We recognized that one year after the bailout of the banks, we were crossing the Rubicon and reaching the point of no return.

So that is how "the birth canal" ties into the overall story that has been emerging in the past few months.

Jesus, too, came to this point in His ministry, for we read in Luke 9:51,

"And it came to pass, when the time was come that He should be received up, He steadfastly set His face to go to Jerusalem."

This was the equivalent of Jesus crossing the Rubicon. It was necessary for the Pattern Son to die in order to bring the Church to new birth. Perhaps we are the same moment in history in the context of the second work of Christ, where death is again necessary to produce the Manchild.

These are sober times. Like Jesus, we have to know what we are doing, because this is not a game. I have said for years that 2010 would be a very critical year in history, and we are finally learning what this involves.

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