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Nov 18, 2009

The Israeli government announced that it will build another 900 houses for Israelis after evicting Palestinian residents. President Obama objects softly, as all past American presidents have done, and Netanyahu knows that there are no teeth on that paper tiger.


When Netanyahu was questioned about how this new building project has destroyed the entire peace process, he acted with his usual arrogance.

Instead, Netanyahu reiterated his call for an immediate resumption of peace talks and criticized the Palestinians for refusing to return to the table.
"I hope the Palestinians answer our calls for negotiations," he said. "The Palestinians have groomed themselves with unrealistic expectations."

The "unrealistic expectations" include the idea that the Israelis are serious about negotiating a Two-State solution. I have said from the beginning that this is totally unrealistic, and so far, I have not been proven wrong.

Ever wonder what benefits we get for the $3 billion per year offerings that our government sends to the Israelis? Well, let's see. We stirred up a hornets' nest and caused an "Islamic extremist" reaction. We have paid over $300 billion to do this, not including all the "loans" that are regularly forgiven.

Did we obtain the favor of God for this? Look at the state of our nation today. Did God say, "I'm going to remove America from captivity because they helped the Zionists steal land and murder anyone who got in the way"?? With all that foreign aid, we ought to be the most God-blessed nation in the world, to hear the Zionists spin it.

Instead, we allied ourselves with a nation that God said He would destroy (Isaiah 29:1-6). So we are going downhill with them, because we are accomplices in their claim to the birthright of Joseph. We are seeing Act Two in the big story. Act One was when they usurped the Throne of David in the first coming of Christ, even as Absalom had overthrown David a thousand years earlier.

I realize that the story must run its course, but as individual believers, we do not have to identify with Ahithophel or Judas in this struggle, as the Christian Zionists have done. Those who have read my book, The Struggle for the Birthright, understand these important matters, so they know how to avoid betraying Christ in Act Two of this historic play.

In other news . . .

The government stimulus programs for first-time home buyer tax credits and for the "cash for clunkers" program gave the economy one final drug stimulus, allowing the government to claim that the recession is over. But then in October, the drugs wore off and the housing market went back to its slump decline. Drug money cannot solve the underlying problem of debt, even if they induce more people to buy a house and create more debt.


On another front, market watchers are warning that Japan could be the next big economy to fail. Japan is the second largest economy in the world, and their debt ratio to GNP is twice what ours is. It now costs them twice as much to insure their debts.

Watch Japan in the next few months. It is likely that their currency will drop even faster than the dollar. And with the two largest world economies falling off a cliff, that will affect every other nation, including China, the third largest economy, which depends upon exports to Japan and America.


Meanwhile, the Fed continues to buy up the bad mortgages from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac at full face value. And the Fed is buying up the toxic waste from the other big banks to prevent them from going broke. I don't mind that, as long as the Fed simply cancels all those mortgages in the end. They don't plan on doing this, of course, but God has His ways of giving them little choice.


I think the long-term plan is to make the governmentn the owner of most of the houses in America. They won't put them back on the market for sale. They will simply begin to rent them out to the original owners, and America will become a nation of renters.

Of course, the Fed could always sell them to the Chinese government (call it "foreclosure" on the Treasury bonds that they have purchased). That would help solve the overpopulation problem in China and create new Chinatown colonies across North America.

Ah, yes, Babylon is truly "that great city." This is our reward for kicking God off the throne.

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