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Nov 14, 2009

November 12, 1981 was the beginning of the first spiritual warfare of the Net of Prayer. I knew nothing of it, nor did I know anything about spiritual warfare at the time, but God joined me to that prayer army without my knowledge. That is how my life changed. It was not by the will of man nor the will of the flesh, but of God alone.

The warfare lasted 76 days from November 12, 1981 to January 27, 1982, after which time they scheduled a 3-day celebration to January 30. Little did I know in those days that every year (observable since 1981) would begin with a similar 76-day period--in fact, two of them back to back.

At the same time, other foundational patterns were being laid for time cycles that would not be discovered for another ten years. I was asked to resign from the Las Cruces church December 4, 1981 and gave them the resignation the following day. These dates began my first experience under "Cursed Time" for being in a calling that was not mine. I was not called to pastor a church. My calling was as a teacher.

And so I spent the next 414 days in the wilderness until January 22/23, 1983. We arrived in Batesville, Arkansas on the night of January 22, spent the night in a nearby town, and then moved into the rented house on the 23rd. What I did not know was that January 23 that year was the beginning of the second 76-day period, ending on April 9. In other words, I had to have a 76-day cleansing period after completing 414 days of Cursed Time, in order to bring the total to 490 days, or "Blessed Time."

And so the Father soon led me to make a lengthy trip to deal with the past, make apologies with no accusations, and to return by April 9, 1983. Only then could I fully begin my new life, working as a typesetter. (I've been a  setter of "types and shadows" ever since.)

Yet it was not until 1991 that I learned what "Cursed Time" meant. I made a long trip to California in order to spend a week with Lalo Cadona and learn everything that he had discovered about timing. As I soon learned, his chronology was flawed in a couple of places, which hampered him from seeing more than a single example of Cursed Time; but when I made the corrections, suddenly there were at least six examples of it in biblical history.

Lalo's father, who had been a trapeze artist with Barnum and Baily Circus in the early 1900's, had discovered this cycle of 414 years by seeing how the curse upon Adam was the direct cause of the flood in Noah's day. It was a period of 4 x 414 years (1,656 years). So he called it "Cursed Time."

Lalo's father, however, did not know how to take this further, so his son, Lalo, worked with it in the 1980's and came up with many new insights. But not being a historian, he was restricted in many ways. So I picked it up where he left off and did a serious study of history, concluding with my book, Secrets of Time.

I found, however, that "Cursed Time" is not a fully accurate term to describe this 414-year (or day) time period. It is really Grace Time, because it is the amount of time given to repent, after the sentence (curse) of the law has been decreed.

After the curse upon Adam, the people of the earth were given 4 x 414 years in which to repent. At the end of that time period, only "Noah found Grace in the sight of the Lord" (Gen. 6:8). Thus, he was saved through the flood, while the others perished as the result of the curse upon Adam.

Noah's connection to the curse upon Adam is seen also when he was named in Gen. 5:29,

"And he called his name Noah, saying, This same shall comfort us concerning our work and toil of our hands, because of the ground which the Lord has cursed."

So the Grace given to Noah shows that it is only "Cursed Time" if a person fails to obtain Grace within the allotted time. Hence, in my own personal experience, my resignation from the church itself resolved the problem and put me on the path of Grace. During that time period, I received six invitations to pastor churches in various parts of the country, but I refused all of them, knowing that I could never be a pastor again. Thus, when I reached the end of my Grace period, I was found in compliance with the will of God, and so I was released from the "wilderness."

All that remained then was to continue in a time of "cleansing" for another 76 days, ending April 9, 1983. After that, I followed the Apostle Paul's example as a "Tentmaker" in Tarsus until the call of God came, bringing me into full-time ministry in 1991, this time as a Bible teacher.

Throughout the 1980's, I remained in the Net of Prayer learning by experience the art of spiritual warfare. I had very good teachers, who were led by the Spirit. However, I found also that they did not make any effort to study the divine law, and so they were missing some foundational principles on which spiritual warfare is based. It was in those years that I finally understood Paul's statement in Rom. 7:14, "the law is spiritual." In other words, in this case, the laws of warfare in Deut. 20 were the laws of spiritual warfare when applied in the spiritual realm.

In observing these shortcomings in the 1980's, I was careful in the 1990's to conduct spiritual warfare according to the laws of war. The time for warfare finally arrived in November of 1993, when we began our Jubilee Prayer Campaign. We thought at first it would be a 7-year battle to the year 2000, because we knew it was patterned after the Battle of Jericho, where the Israelites marched around the city seven times. But as it turned out, we had to march around the city 13 times (i.e., 13 years) until October of 2006.

After the "Joshua" work, God immediately began to establish the foundations for the "Elisha" work, and that is where we stand today. In this time of the second work of Christ, we are being prepared, not for a Moses-Elijah ministry, but for a Joshua-Elisha ministry. Obviously, we did not know this ahead of time, but in following the leading of the Spirit, this is how the revelation has led us.

The Spirit of God moves slowly but surely and lays all the foundational groundwork before sending us out to finish the work. This has required a lot of patience on our part, as God teaches us how to enter into His Rest. If the work is to be done IN HIM, it must be a Rest-work. Anything else is by our work or labor. As Paul tells us in Heb. 4:9, 10,

(9) There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God. (10) For he that is entered into the rest [of God, i.e, Jubilee], he also has ceased from HIS OWN works, as God did from His.

This is the ultimate Sabbath principle out of the three Sabbaths in Scripture. The first is the Sabbath DAY; the second is the Sabbath YEAR; and the final one is the JUBILEE, defined as ceasing from one's own labor. It is the ability to do only what you see your Father do; and speak only what you hear your Father speak. In other words, do what Jesus did. It is not a time of idleness, but of ceasing from your own labor, in order to be the Amen of God, bearing witness at all times to His work and His words.

This is the path that you and I have chosen to follow, if indeed you have the desire to be part of this great work. I say this for the sake of those who are new readers. There is no membership role on earth where you are required to sign up. It is a matter of the heart and your own relationship with Jesus Christ. My ministry and authority, as a teacher, is simply to keep you informed in regard to the things that I have seen and heard.

Once you have caught the general flow of revelation and Kingdom history in our day, you can see how you fit into that big picture.

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