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Explanation of November 1 Watch Date

Nov 07, 2009

Last week (October 31), I wrote a blog entitled "November 1 is a Watch Date." I wrote:

"It appears that some sort of attack is scheduled for November 1st. I received a 'heads up' the other night in a phone call. I suggest that you pray to be protected for yourself and for others. I have no doubt that the Father will protect us, but many are vulnerable to such attacks for a variety of reasons.

"November 1 has a rather lengthy history in recent hears, going back at least to 1997, 1998, and 2001. If the event is not cancelled, or diverted this year, I'll have more to say when we learn what's going on."

November 1 is "All Saints Day," where the Roman Church celebrates "all saints." In earlier times, however, before the Church adopted the day as its own, it was a celebration of all the martyrs dating back to Noah's flood. The "martyrs" in this case were those who were heroic enough to rebel against God and who died in the flood as a result.

For this reason, every year on Halloween, they believed that these dead "martyrs of the cause" would walk the earth once again, and it was necessary for the living to give them treats, bribing them so that they would not haunt you (play tricks on you). It is difficult to find an excuse for Christians actually celebrating the day, complete with costumes of witches and skeletons, and candles in pumpkin heads. But this is a result of the Church taking over a satanist holiday. It was actually a reverse take-over.

Back in 2001, shortly before Halloween, the Spirit of God told us that there was to be a human sacrifice performed on Halloween, and that we were to issue a decree from the Divine Court to outlaw human sacrifice. We did so, and (as expected) the sacrifice took place anyway. The difference is that because they violated a direct court order, they gave us legal cause to engage them in spiritual warfare to "take Satan captive."

We took the offenders to court on November 1, 2001, and won the case, of course. However, the appeals process took a while, and so the case was not fully resolved until Nov. 5, 2001.

I have seen dozens of cases where stories repeat on the same dates in other years. The stories are always different, but the spirit behind them remains the same, and the dates remain the same. For this reason it has often been somewhat easy for me to find "watch dates" (because I keep records). Whenever I discern a previous pattern emerging, it is easy to know such a "watch date." What we do NOT usually know is the manner in which this past pattern will be repeated.

So this year in late October, when we were given a "heads up," the Lord told us to watch Nov. 1, and connected it to the year 2001. In other words, we were to watch Nov. 1-5 for some pattern that would involve human sacrifice.

There are others who pray and fast against us and who send out curses and spells in order to achieve their own evil objectives. Human sacrifice is a way to empower those curses spiritually, and to make them particularly deadly. In fact, any and all sin performed at such ceremonies are designed to put punch behind their curses.

They know that sin in a nation brings the curse of the law. The law has no jurisdiction where there is no sin, but it is empowered to deal with sin where it occurs. These evil people have learned to use the law for their own purpose, which is to bring destruction on a nation. Their idea is that out of the ruins of America will come their own New World Order.

We are involved in a very serious and deadly war that is being fought spiritually. It is not a game. Whenever we are called into spiritual warfare, or to make some kind of decree or petition in the Divine Court, we take it very seriously. When I am divinely sent on some trip around the country, I am well aware of the opposition that I will encounter, but I know that God is with me to protect me. God usually requires me to experience a few difficulties along the way, even as Jesus Himself had difficulties, but all of them are part of the plan and will work out for good.

The difficulties themselves help me to discern what sort of opposition is occurring.

The ultimate purpose for learning the Scriptures is to train for battle. This is Applied Knowledge. Learning the Scriptures is not an end in itself, but a training ground. This is why I teach "Serious Bible Study." The purpose is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry (Eph. 4:12). In Num. 4:23, the Levites were to "perform the service" in ministering to the Tabernacle of Moses. That term is from two Hebrew words: (1) tsaba, "to mass, assemble, muster for war," and (2) abodah, "work of any kind."

In other words, it was the job description of the ministers to do "war work," or military service. This was not a call to physical arms, because the Levites were exempt from engaging in physical warfare.

With this background explanation in mind, look at the event at Fort Hood, TX on Nov. 5, 2009. The news accounts revealed that Major Hasan had been acting different for a few days before he killed 13 soldiers. He even gave away his Koran a few days earlier, so they reported. This tells me that he had made his decision about November 1, 2009, and that he carried it out on November 5.

Was he a secret Satanist? Probably not. I believe he thought that he had a completely different motive. But he was unintentionally carrying out the agenda which was established by ritual on Halloween. Perhaps they decided to let someone else do the work and take the blame. Regardless, we find that the dates in 2009 match with the events in 2001. The link to 2001 tells me that the spiritual, hidden intent of this murderous rampage was human sacrifice.

So once again, we have legal cause to deal with the guilty parties behind this murder. I cannot say for sure yet, but I think this is the reason November 9 is the next watch date. Now that I have reviewed my 2001 records, I have taken notice that Nov. 9, 2001 was a busy day in the Divine Court after the final mop-up operation concluded on Nov. 8.

This is an important repeat pattern this year. I'm not sure how many details will be repeated this year, but you can be sure that I will keep my 2001 records near at hand to see if there are other dates being repeated this year.

In conclusion, Paul tells us that "faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God" (Rom. 10:17). There are many ways to hear. Some have learned to hear His voice directly, and many more just have the ability to hear through other people or by signs that occur around them. Either way is "hearing," because the main point is that people recognize the voice of God when it comes to their attention.

And so, the Word of God is both written and spoken. All of it was spoken at one time, but the biblical writers actually wrote down what was spoken to them, so that we would have a history of revelation. In this way we are not orphans in history, but can see a whole genealogy of revelation leading to our time today. This places us in the context of history, providing us a map so that we know where we came from and where we are going.

"Faith without works is dead," (James 2:20). We are hearing and reading in order to have faith, so that we may act upon it in spiritual warfare to bring all things under the feet of Jesus Christ, the rightful King of the earth.

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