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Church coalition advocates civil disobedience against immoral government programs

Nov 23, 2009


Well, well, it looks like the battle lines are being drawn. Church on one side, and secular government on the other.

If I recall, King Saul died at the hands of the Philistines.

King Saul is a type of the church.

Guess who is going to win this one?

I'm sure that David wished King Saul all the best when he fought the Philistines. But how could Saul expect help from God when he was in rebellion? Saul had a Philistine "carnal" mindset, so he could not overcome the Philistines externally.

Instead of blaming the Philistines, Saul himself should have repented. But this was not going to happen, because Saul himself was a manifestation of the hearts of the people, who had rejected God from ruling over them, preferring man's rule. The Church is still afflicted with this disease.

No, it is going to take the overcomers to do the job, just as it took David to overcome the Philistines. So be wise in what you do.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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