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Other Visions of the Vessels

Oct 06, 2009


2 Visions sent by Kenneth Visscher:

(1st Vision)

“Then beholding the Holiest place of all, even the position of the Throne and the Lord upon the Throne, even in the Holiest part of His Sanctuary, from there did I behold the HOLINESS of the Lord God Almighty, even the Ancient of Days. He did sit in the midst of the Throne consumed with billows and waves of fire which enfolded in upon itself, fire so mighty that there was nothing before it that was not utterly consumed, nothing before this Holy Fire that was not completely and utterly taken in by the fire, purged, purified and made HOLY as HE WHO SITS UPON THE THRONE IS HOLY. This fire was even the Ancient of Days, Holy, completely all that the spirit of the Lord is and is nothing short of His complete person as LORD. Before Him lay the Tabernacle, the pattern and the vessels and instruments. These same vessels and instruments were gathered up before the Lord and brought into the billowing flames and purged, purified, cleansed, and stripped of their dross and their clay. Then to the right of the Throne were the vessels and instruments laid in order although they looked as though they were gathered in a heap. As I looked at the vessels and instruments I saw that they were covered with the heat of the fire, they were all of them miscoloured, faded and tarnished even though they were clean. No clay was left upon them, but they were nevertheless tainted in coloration from the heat of the fire which had done the cleansing. This was the cleansing of the vessels and instruments of the Tabernacle. As they lay beside the Throne they began to cool and to remain with the view of being “unpolished” upon them. Before the Lord now was the rest of the Tabernacle and His fire then folded in upon itself and reached forth out unto the Tabernacle to cleanse it and to purge it and to strip it from its own filth and clay from contamination with the world. As the fire billowed out from the Ancient of Days the earth under the Tabernacle quaked greatly and the clay of the earth was burnt and disintegrated and became separate from the foundation of the Tabernacle which was upon it. So the earth then gave way and collapsed into utter ruin under the weight of the Tabernacle which was now suspended above the earth, but consumed in the fires of He who sat upon the Throne, even the Ancient of Days.”

(End Vision)

(2nd Vision)

“Beholding the vessels and instruments that where in a heap beside the Throne I saw that as the fire of His cleansing went forth into the Tabernacle, that the vessels and instruments, each one individually, had a swirling whirlwind of fire from within the center of it, even though the vessels and instruments remained cool to the touch, yet the same fire that was the spirit of the Lord rose up in each vessel and with the velocity of a whirlwind it did cleanse and purge away the DROSS that was left from the initial burning when the vessels were gathered unto the Lord. I saw by this that the dross of the first residual heat was now removed from these vessels and instruments and the purity of gold and silver and precious stones and their shapes did emerge with brilliance and beauty and with no filth of any kind upon them, but these vessels and instruments were now HOLY UNTO THE LORD. These are the vessels of the sanctuary of the Lord, even those after the order of Melchisedek, the Lord Christ who is made a High Priest forever and who intercedes forever on behalf of all humanity. This is a declaration of this order even unto the Overcomers who are these same vessels, once burnt and cleansed by fire, but now purified and made pure for the Lord’s use. The purpose of this cleansing and this alliance with the order of Melchisedek is so that the world of men may enter into the Kingdom of the Lord which will now come to this earth and to this humanity. These two visions were in present time, they are not future in their scope nor are they to be taken as that which has been, but they are to be taken as that which presently is.”

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