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November 1 is a Watch Date

Oct 31, 2009

It appears that some sort of attack is scheduled for November 1st. I received a "heads up" the other night in a phone call. I suggest that you pray to be protected for yourself and for others. I have no doubt that the Father will protect us, but many are vulnerable to such attacks for a variety of reasons.

November 1 has a rather lengthy history in recent years, going back at least to 1997, 1998, and 2001. If the event is not cancelled, modified, or diverted this year, I'll have more to say when we learn what's going on.

Also, at the recent Tabernacles conference in Sweetwater, the song sung by Larry Gatlin was played as a prayer, "Fill Me." This was a song that Bonnie Lynn heard on August 28 and it kept playing over and over in her mind for ten days. Obviously, this was a prelude to the meeting on October 13 in Pensacola, where I too saw the vessels being filled. See my blog for Oct. 14. Anyway, here are the words to the song:

Fill Me

I am the fountain
Lord you are the water,
The water of life forever
I am the riverbed,
You are the river,
The river that runs dry--no never.

I am the messenger,
Lord, you are the message,
The message that sets every bound captive free.
Come, Holy Spirit and fill every vessel,
I am but one vessel,
Here I am,

I am the lantern,
Lord, you are the flame,
The flame that will die--no never.
Holy, unchanging, one ever the same,
The same Heavenly Father forever.

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