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Vitamin D-3 Wholesale Price Quadruples due to demand as defense against swine flu

Sep 07, 2009

It has only been in recent years that Vitamin D has been studied sufficiently to really appreciate its beneficial effect on the immune system. Back in the 1950's, I had virtually every childhood illness known to man, after getting every "immunization" known to man. In fact, I had so many immunizations, the doctor gave my parents a written guarantee that their children would be immune to the third or fourth generation. I remember my mother telling me this before she died in 1983. She never actually produced the memo, but you can take her word for it because she was a saint.

Whooping cough was the worst. My parents then asked the doctor if it was feasible for them to go to the Philippines as missionaries, since I was beset with so many illnesses. The doctor told them that the "heat" would be helpful in getting rid of my whooping cough, because it would "bake it out of me."

Now it is known that the heat had little or nothing to do with it. It was the good old sun itself, helping my skin produce Vitamin D daily. And believe me, I got plenty of it, since I was always playing outdoors. The doctor back then gave good advice, though no one knew at the time what the actual mechanism for healing was. They just knew that northern Minnesota was not as good as the tropics for dealing with childhood diseases.

For years, though, we have been faced with "flu season" every winter, when people received less sunlight and so their skin produced less vitamin D. It has now been scientifically proven that Vitamin D is one of the best natural defenses against all flu--including swine flu. And I am told that Vitamin D3 is believed to be the best form to take.

If you have more confidence in a vaccination, then go wherever your faith lies. If you prefer a more natural route, Vitamin D3 appears to be one of the best ways to go. I think everyone should have the freedom to make their own decision, whether right or wrong.

However . . .

My supplier of Vitamin D3 tablets has informed me that the price of raw materials has more than quadrupled recently, due to the increased demand. (Or maybe it's just that the suppliers in China have less confidence in the US dollar.) It seems that many people are taking this seriously, in view of the swine flu pandemic, and are stocking up on Vitamin D3.

Because of this, the price of Vitamin D3 will inevitably go up soon. My supplier was wise enough to foresee the coming shortage, so he purchased a good supply ahead of time. But our low price at $10/bottle will not last long. If you plan to obtain a supply anyway, I suggest that you do so sooner rather than later.

For instructions and further information, see my weblog from last week on "Solutions to the Swine Flu Pandemic."

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