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US/Russia/Israeli Relations

Sep 18, 2009

Relations between the US and Russia have been rather cool ever since US financial operatives used currency trading in the 1980's to bankrupt the Soviet Union.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, the US pretended to befriend them and help them establish "democracy," but in doing so, the privatization policy turned out to be one that turned over huge economic enterprises to Jewish oligarchs. It took years to begin to rectify that problem, and as those oligarchs were overthrown, their Jewish allies in the West accused Russia of reverting back to communism.

At the same time, the US took advantage of the Soviet Union's demise by expanding NATO and encircling Russia with missile bases, treating them not as a newly-found friend, but as a potential enemy. The Bush administration finally agreed to set up a missile base in Poland on Russia's doorstep, supposedly directed at Iran (wink, wink). Russia simply knew better and protested loudly.

Then came the rise in oil prices, and this gave Russia a huge financial boost, increasing their economic power in the world. When the US banks brought about the current financial crisis with their sales of toxic mortgages, Russia made friends and allies, while the US lost credibility.

Last year when the Israeli government invaded and bombed Gaza City, they showed to the whole world the truly violent nature of Zionism. It was bad enough when they used cluster bombs in Lebanon's civilian areas, but when the Israelis destroyed UN buildings, hospitals, and schools in Gaza, they went too far. A UN investigation was set up, and the report was released yesterday, accusing both sides of war crimes.

Of course, expectations are everything these days. No one expects anything less of Hamas than to send a few low-tech missiles into Israeli populations, along with all the stones they can throw. More is expected from the Israelis, who try to maintain credibility among the nations. While Hamas' missiles did little damage other than scaring the pants off some Israeli civilians, the Israeli missile strikes looked like Goliath beating up on Tom Thumb.

The Israelis lost the propaganda war in spite of their tremendous influence over the media. It is said that President Obama considers the Israeli government to be more dangerous than Hamas or the Iranian government could ever hope to be. Their nuclear arsenal, along with their threats against Iran, threatens to bring nuclear disaster to the whole world. Any time others disagree with the Israeli government, they remind world leaders that they will exercise the "Samson option" if necessary. That is, they will bring the house down upon everyone's heads if they feel threatened.

This scares the dickens out of world leaders, who do not particularly relish living in an underground city for years to come in order to avoid nuclear fallout. Then Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu made a surprise trip to Russia last week, where he and Putin are said to have screamed at each other--I mean, they had a frank discussion. Frank was on steriods. At that point it became apparent even to President Obama that the US needed Russian support to help rein in the Israeli bulldogs.

So on the 70th anniversary of the invasion of Poland yesterday, President Obama announced that he was removing the bone of contention with Russia by scrapping the Polish missile plan. Defense Secretary Gates told of his epiphany, a new revelation that such a missile plan was suddenly unnecessary. It was a face-saving measure, but everyone behind the scenes knows what is behind it. The US needs a friend, now that the Israeli government is seen as the most dangerous gang in the world.

The media expressed its surprise that President Obama gave this concession with nothing in return. At least, nothing that they knew about or were willing to talk about. But there is one item worth mentioning. Russia dropped its lawsuit against the Bank of New York for its alleged money laundering operations. The case was suddenly settled for pocket change, barely enough to cover legal expenses already incurred.


There are reports that the Israelis could attack Iran as early as September 25. Other reports say "within two months." Others say "by the end of the year." However this turns out, we are entering into a very dangerous time, sparked to some extent by this latest UN "war crimes" report. It calls for an investigation to find out who in particular was responsible for those war crimes. Israeli government officials are extremely angry about this and probably consider this to be on par with a threat of nuclear attack.

After all, they consider themselves to be the Birthright holders, the people who must rule the world. All non-Jews are considered cattle and slaves with "satanic souls," so who do these United Nations cattle think they are! This war crimes report, then, is a slap to their racial pride, and they aren't going to take it lying down. They'll blow up the whole world before they let any Israeli official be tried for war crimes in Brussels.

So the world continues to stagger toward the brink of disaster. The cracks in the New World Order are widening. It is little wonder that world leaders are frightened half to death and the media hides as much serious news as it can to avoid panic in the streets.

Today is the last day of the Hebrew year. This evening begins Rosh Hoshana and the beginning of what we call 2010. We should be prudent and above all we should be led by the Spirit. Men's hearts will fail them for fear, we are told, but that verse ought not to apply to us. We have foreseen these dangerous times for many years and have not deadened our senses with any Rapture drugs that offer a great escape into new highs. We fully expect to remain here so that we can bear witness of the Kingdom, which is the only solution to the world problem. The fall of this Babylonian system is part of the divine Plan, but it is designed to bring judgment upon the Babylonians, not upon Kingdom people. And even then, it is designed to show the fallacy of man's wisdom, so that they will come to see that what they thought was "the foolishness of God" was the only true Wisdom remaining in the world.

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