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Three Very Important Articles to keep you informed

Sep 14, 2009

The following article by Jim Willie ties together all the factors (and more) that I have been writing about lately. 


Comment: When President Obama announced the imposition of new tariffs on tires made in China, the rubber began to meet the road. Sept. 11, 2009 has marked the moment when the underlying financial/trade war broke out into the open. China has now appealed to the World Trade Union, but these appeals are nothing compared to its underlying threat of default.

It is a war between China and Babylon. It looks like God is raising up China to overthrow the rulers of financial Babylon. Keep in mind that Gideon won the battle in his day, not by having overwhelming numbers on his side, but by engaging in spiritual warfare that caused the occupiers and oppressors to turn on each other.

Below is another very significant article that focuses more on silver. Keep in mind that the arms of SILVER represent Medo-Persia, which overthrew the head of Gold. Gold(man) is about to get Sacked. This is from Ted Butler:


One final article showing that the "insiders" (corporate directors) have been selling stocks since June, whereas last Spring they were on a buying spree. Who are they selling to? They are selling to those who have fallen for the line that the recession is over. These are sheep to be fleeced, and it is part of the great transfer of money into the coffers of the rich.


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