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Solutions to the Swine Flu Pandemic

Sep 03, 2009

Back on August 5, 2009, I wrote about the Health Scare as follows:

Beyond the legal problem, it is quite clear already that the swine flu's death rate is not much different from regular flu. And according to many doctors, if people would just take daily Vitamin D (or get more sunshine), they would probably not get sick with any kind of flu, or (if they did get sick) they would recover in a few days with no problem.

Listen to Dr. John Cannell's 6-minute video on Vitamin D and Swine Flu:

Vaccines have become big business, and whenever there is this much money at stake, you can bet that the Big Pharma will push their products mightily. Yesterday Pfizer paid a record $2.3billion fine for doing illegal marketing. This was about the fourth fine since 2002 that they paid.

It illustrates how they think as businessmen and has little relationship to their ethics as doctors or pharmacists. Business is business, and they don't mind pushing their drugs into areas that have not been properly tested. If that is how Pharma does business, then we might question their vaccines as well. They count on our trust, but they don't earn it, and I think they have far too much money to be trusted with our health. Their top priority is to make money for their shareholders. Our health comes second. That is the nature of big business.

Not being an expert on health matters myself, it appears to me that it boils down to a question of WHICH EXPERT is right. Who would be more trustworthy? Should I trust big business or someone like Dr. Cannell? Both can show their educational credentials. The real difference, I think, is the marketing factor, motivated by billions of dollars in sales. I just don't trust salesmen to be honest, except where honesty actually pays off.

It is in the interest of Big Pharma to scare people with the word "Pandemic." But keep in mind that the common cold is also a Pandemic. It affects most of the people of the world. But just because it is a common condition/disease does not mean that we should be scared into getting a vaccine for the common cold.

Reports show that this current flu "pandemic" is probably a man-made virus, because it is a combination of swine flu, bird flu, and human flu. It is designed to create new markets for the pharmaceuticals. Yes, a few people die from it, just like the regular flu every year. But far more people have died from regular flu than from this latest designer version. I suspect that more people will die from the vaccine than from the flu itself, much like the 1976 swine flu vaccine, which was hastily pulled off the market shortly after it was introduced. That vaccine was causing Guillain-Barré Syndrome. The Wikipedia reports:

There were reports of GBS affecting some people who had received swine flu immunizations in the 1976 U.S. outbreak of swine flu. Overall, there were about 500 cases of GBS—25 of which resulted in death from severe pulmonary complications—which, according to Dr. P. Haber, were probably caused by an immunopathological reaction to the 1976 swine flu vaccine. Other influenza vaccines have not been linked to GBS, though caution is advised for certain individuals, particularly those with a history of GBS.[12][13]

Guillain-Barre, unlike disorders such as multiple sclerosis and Lou Gehrig`s disease (ALS), is a peripheral nerve disorder and does not generally cause nerve damage to the brain or spinal cord.

Dr. Cannell's analysis just seems to make more sense to me. I can see why big Pharma would not want to push Vitamin D. After all, Vitamin D is natural and cannot be patented. The Pharmaceuticals won't sell anything except their own man-made creations that are patented. That is how they make their money. But I think God knew what He was doing when He created Vitamin D and gave us the ability to obtain it through sunshine. The problem is that we get less of it in winter, and hence, we have a "flu season."

Some people, I know, have the gift of procrastination, and others simply don't have health food stores nearby, so they don't/won't start using Vitamin D. If you have such a need and want to order some, I do have a supply available here. A bottle of 100 tablets sells for $10. Each tablet has 1000 iu of Vitamin D3 and 120 mg of Calcium.

You can order by using the "Make a Donation" button on the front page of my web site and letting me know what you want me to send.

Or, of course, you can always write me at the ministry address.

NOTE: My supplier of Vitamin D3 tablets has informed me that the price of raw materials has more than quadrupled recently, due to the increased demand. It seems that many people are taking this seriously, in view of the swine flu pandemic, and are stocking up on Vitamin D3. Because of this, the price of Vitamin D3 will inevitably go up soon. My supplier was wise enough to foresee the coming shortage, so he purchased a good supply ahead of time. But our low price at $10/bottle will not last long. If you plan to obtain a supply anyway, I suggest that you do so sooner rather than later.

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