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Joseph Revealed September 24

Sep 25, 2009

Historians now have definite proof that the biblical Joseph existed. They have discovered coins that bear his image, along with the image of a cow, pointing to Pharaoh's dream about the seven fat cows and seven lean ones (Gen. 41:18, 19). These coins had been thought of as mere medallions, rather than coins, because it was previously thought that coins had not yet been invented. So these coins were stored in a box, unnoticed.

The following article is dated September 24, 2009 and is from MEMRI, the Middle East Media Report Institute:


"The researchers discovered the coins when they sifted through thousands of small archeological artifacts stored in [the vaults of] the Museum of Egypt. [Initially] they took them for charms, but a thorough examination revealed that the coins bore the year in which they were minted and their value, or effigies of the pharaohs [who ruled] at the time of their minting. Some of the coins are from the time when Joseph lived in Egypt, and bear his name and portrait. . .

"Research team head Dr. Sa'id Muhammad Thabet said that during his archeological research on the Prophet Joseph, he had discovered in the vaults of the [Egyptian] Antiquities Authority and of the National Museum many charms from various eras before and after the period of Joseph, including one that bore his effigy as the minister of the treasury in the Egyptian pharaoh's court

"One Coin... [had] an Image of a Cow Symbolizing Pharaoh's Dream about the Seven Fat Cows and Seven Lean Cows.

"The researcher identified coins from many different periods, including coins that bore special markings identifying them as being from the era of Joseph. Among these, there was one coin that had an inscription on it, and an image of a cow symbolizing Pharaoh's dream about the seven fat cows and seven lean cows, and the seven green stalks of grain and seven dry stalks of grain. It was found that the inscriptions of this early period were usually simple, since writing was still in its early stages, and consequently there was difficulty in deciphering the writing on these coins. But the research team [managed to] translate [the writing on the coin] by comparing it to the earliest known hieroglyphic texts…

"Joseph's name appears twice on this coin, written in hieroglyphs: once the original name, Joseph, and once his Egyptian name, Saba Sabani, which was given to him by Pharaoh when he became treasurer. There is also an image of Joseph, who was part of the Egyptian administration at the time."


First of all, this report is dated September 24, which immediately connects it with Haggai's prophecy of the blessings given on the 24th day of the 9th month. This article shows that the "blessings" are also connected to Joseph and is therefore about the BIRTHRIGHT blessings.

It proves the existence of Joseph, and proves that the biblical story is not a "myth" as Bible critics have claimed. To us, it is like the resurrection of Joseph, long presumed to be "dead," along with the Birthright, but now "found." Now we can all say with his father, Jacob,

"It is enough; my son Joseph is still alive. I will go and see him before I die." (Gen. 45:28).

The prophetic significance of this is huge. The entire story of Joseph being lost for so long was prophetic of his descendants, the house of Israel, the so-called "ten lost tribes" that men have presumed to be lost or dead for 2500 years. They were "swallowed up" by the Assyrians (Hosea 8, 9), even as Jonah was swallowed up by the great fish. Remember that Nineveh was the capital of Assyria, and the name of that city means "city of fish." So when Nineveh swallowed up the house of Israel, this event had already been prophesied in the story of Jonah, the prophet who was swallowed up by a great fish.

Finding Joseph also establishes the Birthright, for Joseph was given the Birthright (1 Chron. 5:1, 2). Prophetically speaking, then, September 24, 2009 is the day that Joseph was found and reported to his father, Jacob-Israel. Mark the day, because it is the beginning of the end of the mistaken idea that the Jews are Israel and the inheritors of the Birthright.

No, the name Israel was given to the sons of Joseph in Gen. 48:16, and many centuries later, when the ten tribes revolted against the son of Solomon, it was the northern tribes that retained the name Israel. The southern kingdom had to settle for the name Judah, the name of the dominant tribe. The reason was because the tribes of Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh) were the legal inheritors of the Birthright and the Birthright name, Israel.

In 1948 the Jewish nation proclaimed itself a new state and called itself Israel. They did this to usurp the Birthright of Joseph, in the same manner that they had usurped the scepter of Judah from its rightful Heir, Jesus Christ, nearly 2,000 years ago. Now, with the prophetic re-discovery that Joseph is alive, we are seeing the beginning of the end of the Jewish claim on the name Israel.

This is another nail in the coffin of the Israeli state. This coincides well with my earlier weblog series from last July, The Birthright and Sonship, followed by Casting Out the Bondwoman.

So now we see that Haggai's statement, "From this day forth I will bless you," is about the Israelites (overcomers) being recognized as the true heirs of the Birthright. This is the beginning of a great shaking in the heavens and the earth.

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