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Hezekiah's 15-year extension applied today

Sep 01, 2009

On Nov. 29, 1994 the GATT treaty was passed by the House of Representatives. This was the end of the 12-month cycle from the beginning of our Jubilee Prayer Campaign, Nov. 29, 1993, and it was a major watch date, according to the revealed pattern of Daniel 4:29.

The passage of the GATT treaty on this major watch date told us first that this prayer campaign in part was meant to undermine the "free trade" thinking in Congress that was destroying the manufacturing base of the country.

America's economic rise throughout most of the 20th century was powered by the nation's solid manufacturing section. We actually produced things that people wanted to buy. Corporations made lots of money, but because most of them did not share their success by paying their workers enough, the Unions enjoyed a lot of popular support to give them better wages.

Corporations then began to look elsewhere for workers to cut down on their labor costs and to be able to gain more market share from their competitors. First they moved many manufacturing operations to Mexico and Central America, then to Taiwan and Thailand. When one company did so, all of its competitors were forced to do so as well.

The sacred doctrine of "free trade" was used to remove tariffs on imports, so that domestic workers had to compete directly with foreign workers for their jobs. Americans loved the low priced goods but hated the loss of jobs. Yet the jobless were in the minority, so the jobs continued to be sent overseas.

I have nothing against giving people of other nations jobs and raising their standard of living. I believe we ought to help them in whatever way we can. But "free trade" as implemented today can only raise their standard of living by lowering the American standard of living. The export of jobs means fewer jobs and greater unemployment here. Politicians told us that when people of other countries got more money, they would buy our goods, so it would be good for America. Instead, we have found that they got the jobs and then began to buy the products made more cheaply in other countries.

After all, why buy American when the foreign competitors sell their products for so much less money? We ourselves love to buy the cheapest product available. Why would they do less? And furthermore, those foreigners put much more of their money into savings, rather than spending it all as Americans tend to do. So the money began to stay offshore, and our Treasury Department then had to sell debt (bonds) in order to bring back more money and prevent a recession.

This is just Economics 101, but my interest is in how it affects the collapse of Mystery Babylon to prepare the way for the Kingdom of God. I spent some time recently showing how the Hezekiah Factor has affected us insofar as God turning back the clock ten years. But just as important is the fact that Hezekiah received a 15-year extension of life. The SIGN of that extension was that God would turn back the clock "ten degrees" on the sundial, but Hezekiah's life was extended 15 years.

So when we declared the Jubilee on the Day of Atonement of 1996, this was the point where God turned the clock back to the Day of Atonement in 1986, so that the Jubilee declaration would be "on time," that is, it would coincide with the 120th Jubilee from Adam.

However, when we look at the 15-year extensions of time, we can correlate 1986 with the year 2001. This was the year that the Haggai ministry began 2,520 years after the prophet began to write his book in 520 B.C., the second year of Darius (Hag. 1:1). It was also the year that the second "bear" of my 1986 vision was released on Sept. 11, 2001, dragging us into the current wars.

Seeing this 15-year correlation between 1986 and 2001 shows us both the negative and the positive side of the divine plan. The negative side is to bring down Mystery Babylon; the positive side is to build the Kingdom of God in its place. It would appear that this costly war is God's way of bringing Babylon into bankruptcy, by forcing it to create too much money to pay for all its programs and projects. This has now caused foreign governments to stop buying our bonds (debt), forcing the Fed itself to buy its own debt (covertly, so as not to cause alarm).

We are now ringing the doorbell at our date with destiny.

On the positive side, we have engaged in a lengthy prayer campaign from 1993-2006, and now we have begun to actually lay claim to the land itself. There is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit coming soon as well, because the people are the most important part of the "land" that must be claimed for the Kingdom of God.

Another 15-year extension is from 1993-2008 and 1994-2009. In the Jubilee Prayer Campaign in 1993 we were led to declare spiritual bankruptcy, on the grounds that we were incapable of bringing any righteousness of our own to resolve the problem. We confessed our total dependence upon Jesus and His righteousness. I find it interesting that 15 years later in September of 2008 the real banking crisis hit with the bankruptcy of AIG and Lehman Brothers, to say nothing of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

It is as if the banking system had been given a 15-year extension of life in November 1993.

We are now coming up on one year later. Will we see a secondary 15-year cycle dating from the GATT treaty of 1994? It looks to me like the 12-month cycle from 1993-1994 is about to repeated from 2008-2009. The most important dates to watch, then, were established last year. Of course, most of September 2008 I was in South Africa to speak at a conference. The conference began on Sept. 7, the day Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were nationalized.

On Friday, Sept. 12, 2008 Fed Chairman Bernanke called for an emergency meeting with top Babylonian bankers to discuss which to bail out and which should be allowed to fail. They decided to let Lehman Brothers fail, and this was done the following Monday, Sept. 15, when the bank filed for bankruptcy. At the same time, Merrill Lynch agreed to be taken over by Bank of America.

So Sept. 12-15 is a time to watch this year.

Likewise, Sept. 18, 2008 the news reports said that "financial armageddon" was barely averted by Treasury Secretary Paulson's injection of $105 billion into the financial markets. At the same time, AIG was largely nationalized at the cost of $85 billion. So we may see Sept. 18 emerge as an important date in 2009.

The entire month of September 2009 should be watched carefully, not only for its 12-month connection with 2008, but also with its 15-year connection to 1994. By the way, to get the full story of what occurred with the GATT treaty in 1994, see chapter 12 of The Wars of the Lord.

Last year on Sept. 29, 2008 Congress rejected the $700 billion bailout plan. Wall Street plunged, and the government's "Plunge Protection Team" did nothing to stop it. The White House then blackmailed Congress further on October 1st by telling the Army's 3rd infantry division's First Brigade to mobilize. This sent the message to Congress that if they did not act, the government would declare martial law and mobilize a combat team on American soil "to subdue unruly or dangerous individuals."

The House passed the bailout bill on October 3rd. This is probably the final date to watch in 2009 in this year-long cycle from 2008. But yet we might see further events, because a year ago, in the week from Oct. 6-10 the stock market began to crash. We may see some kind of repeat in 2009.

This is an important time to watch and pray.

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