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Thea's Story--Part 4

Aug 28, 2009

The Charismatic Renewal began in the Roman Catholic Church in Canada on August 20, 1968. In many ways it was the result of the new-found freedoms established by the Vatican II Council (1962-1965). But it also had some roots in the Latter Rain movement (1948-1952) and, of course, with the re-establishment of Pentecost from 1901-1906.

With many different denominational groups affected by these movements of the Holy Spirit, it is not surprising that the Charismatic Renewal would take on an ecumenical tone, tending to unite divergent groups by the common experience and interest in the Holy Spirit. This infused new life, not only in Catholic circles, but also among many mainline denominational churches as well.

The Charismatic Renewal came of age in the Catholic Church in 1975 when Pope Paul cautiously approved it. Some say that the movement itself had become so widespread that the leadership had to take steps to lead it, or it would threaten to lead them. Whatever the case, by 1978 at the conference in Notre Dame, the Charismatic Renewal had been firmly established in the Catholic Church as well as among many Lutherans, Episcopalians, and others.

It was in this context that Sister Thea went to Notre Dame in 1978. At the time, no one could know, of course, that this would be the last 15 years of the Age of Pentecost (1978-1993). Nor did anyone know that in the midst of this, God was also raising up the Net of Prayer, headed by Chuck Youngbrandt "Johnel," who also shared a Catholic background in Chicago. The purpose of the NOP took shape in 1981, when it was raised up to call the Church to commit itself to five years of intercession and spiritual warfare. This call to prayer was non-denominational, but like the Charismatic Renewal, it appears to have been directed first at the Catholic Church, which was the prime manifestation of the rule of "King Saul."

It was, I believe, the final opportunity for "Saul" and Pentecost itself to establish the Kingdom of God. However, like Saul, the Church overall rejected the call to prayer, and so the revelation of the 120th Jubilee from Adam (1986) remained hidden from them. The Church, then, had opportunity to declare the Jubilee, but it passed by without notice. Of course, since the Church was a type of Saul, and because Pentecost itself was insufficient to establish the Kingdom of God, it was foreordained that 1986 would pass with no Jubilee declaration.

Nonetheless, as I have written earlier, God began in 1985 to separate the barley company from the wheat company, overcomers from the Church, in order to work with them to declare the Jubilee ten years "late" in 1996.

Yet in those 15 years God continued to work with the Church, primarily through the Charismatic Renewal and its aftermath, to give them their full measure of opportunity according to the time established by the 40-year rule of King Saul. They were given 40 Jubilees of time (40 x 49 = 1960 years, dating from 33 A.D., ending in 1993).

Sister Thea's revelation was about this final 15 years. God had granted a measure of Pentecost to the Catholic Church and many mainline denominations. Yet the Church still remained as disqualified as King Saul to go beyond "Saul's Kingdom" into the glory of "David's Kingdom."

Thea continued her story as follows:

"Again God spoke to me one night as I was lying in bed, and again I felt my spirit leaving my body and going right through a window. He took me by the hand, and He and I became One. We moved all over the United States which was spread out like a big map in front of us. We seemed to be walking over that map.

"At times our feet touched part of the map, and as our feet came down on the ground, lights would spring up. So there would be a light here, and a light there. Certain cities would appear, and I would see them. I had never traveled to these places before, but I would see them as clearly as though they were on a movie screen, or a TV screen.

"He took me all across the United States, and He showed me six corner areas in particular, and a seventh area which seemed to be in the center of the United States. And He called this land His "New Jerusalem." And He called the people of this land His "True Israel."

"As I returned back into my body, I still did not understand, except the words that were given to me, 'You are to go to these places that I showed you.' With that, I came out of this experience. . .

"Before long, I met an evangelist who listened intently to me without laughing. He said he had heard something like that before and thought that it was very true. He was willing to help me. He was traveling with a group of people with a teaching and music ministry, and invited me to come join him and his family. I accepted.

" 'We'll travel for awhile,' he said, 'and see if we can find the places that you saw.' As I described some of the places, he said, 'I recognize that . . . and that.' I was encouraged. At least we had a starting point.

"As we started out from Florida to North Carolina by car, God began speaking to me about areas of refuge during times of severe testing. 'Father, please help us to find these places,' I prayed. I really had no idea where these places actually were--or even that they actually existed.

"It was then a light filled the car, and I heard an audible voice instruct me to take a map of the United States and find the places that He was speaking to me.

"He told me to draw lines. First from Charlotte, NC to Flagstaff, Arizona, then up to Winnipeg. Then He told me to draw a line from Salem, Oregon to Mt. Washington in New England, and down beyond Corpus Christi to a little place, Mission, Texas.

"I took a ruler and drew the lines as He told me. When these were completed, I looked at the picture, startled. There was a 'Star of David.' My friend, turning white, said, 'Oh, my God, you don't know what you've got here.'

" 'Well, I've seen the Star of David,' I replied. 'They put it on the Jews in Hitler's time. Do you think that means it has something to do with Jews?'

"He said, 'No. I have seen this once before, and I cannot tell you much about it; but I know that it has a much deeper and wider implication than that.'

"I was later to learn it was used by God long before its present connotation. It was just a beginning. There were many things that I was going to learn."

There are multiple layers of meaning in this "Star of David" as God used it in this revelation. Some of the meanings are positive, some negative. On the positive side, there were six points and six intersections of lines, together representing the twelve tribes of Israel. Thea soon learned the difference between Judah and Israel. Some (not all) Jews represented Judah, but the Europeans were descended from Israel. The United States, which Jesus called "The New Jerusalem," had a destiny and a calling as the prime representative of the tribes of Israel.

Thea then read Peter Marshall's book, The Light and the Glory. She then comments,

"He has made a very accurate historical study of the origin and founding of this beautiful country of the United States and Canada. He makes us to see that we were founded on a covenant relationship, that the people who came to this country came with ideals of a religious purpose, to bring light, and to form a new country that would be under God--truly under God. We seem to have forgotten that, haven't we?"

Yes, we have forgotten. We were overwhelmed, first by nominal Christians who did not really know Jesus, and later by non-Christians who secularized the nation. In the 1880's huge numbers of Jewish immigrants began to arrive from Russia. Soon their Star of David had been superimposed upon our financial system and government.

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Thea's Story

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