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Thea's Story--Part 1

Aug 25, 2009

I received the revelation about the Hezekiah Factor about 1:00 a.m. on October 4, 1994 while in a hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I was there with David Adamiak and my son, Ryan, who was 14 at the time. We had traveled from Seattle in order to attend a conference where I was scheduled to teach.

As we drove there, I was contemplating Sister Thea Eroes' 1979 "Star Vision" which had featured Winnipeg as the top point of the star over the USA. The same vision also showed a series of triangles in Canada pointing north from the US border, and Winnipeg was the top point of the center triangle. The triangles represented a crown.

The center point of the crown was also the top point of the star. This was the unification of the crown and star. It occurred to me at the time that we were going to Winnipeg in order to unite the USA and Canada in some way. And, of course, at the first meeting, the question was raised about why Americans do not appreciate the British monarchy. As the representative American in the bunch, I thought it was fitting that I give them the history of the Divided Kingdom and how it was replaying in modern history. I gave them the information in yesterday's weblog.

We ended with a prayer that God would re-unite the Scepter and the Birthright and re-unite the nations under the Headship of Christ. That was the prayer on Oct. 4, 1994.

But earlier that night, at 1:00 a.m., before turning out the light, I looked up the story of the Hezekiah and discovered the Hezekiah Factor that I have explained earlier. God led me to Winnipeg to learn this, because it was in the context of Sister Thea's Star Vision from 1979. Incidentally, it was 15 years from the Star Vision to the revelation of the Hezekiah Factor (1979-1994). This was the first of the 15-year cycles, according to the extension of life that was given to King Hezekiah (2 Kings 20:6).

And now as I write this, it occurs to me that October 4, 2009 is precisely 15 years after the Hezekiah Revelation and the reunification prayer. Hmmmm.

Sister Thea's Background

Thea was born in Vienna, Austria, and she grew up in Salzburg. She was a descendant of King Stefan of Hungary through her father, Geza Victor Eros de Bethlenfalva. Thea's mother was in poor health and was told that she could not have any children. So when she became pregnant, it caused great anxiety. Abortion was a serious matter in those days (1920's), but yet because of her health, the doctor scheduled her to have an abortion.

Her mother was very upset and took a long walk in the hills. Finally, she sat down in a meadow, closed her eyes, and cried. She prayed, "If there is a God, will you please help me? I want this baby. But everyone else tells me I have to have it aborted because it means either my life or this child's life. But if it's your will, God, I would rather give my life so that this child may be born."

When she finally opened her eyes, she saw a young man standing before her. He smiled and said, "Don't be afraid. What is your problem?"

She told him. Again he said, "Don't be afraid. You will have this child, for this child is of God, and will be called Thea." (Thea in Greek means "of God".)

She returned home and told them the story. This upset the entire family, of course, who then called the psychiatrist. So the only thing she knew to do was to cry. She cried during the entire pregnancy, and the doctors did not dare perform the abortion as long as she was in that state of mind.

Hence, Thea was born. But when Thea was four, her mother was again in poor health, so Thea's care was delegated to the servants. She rarely saw her parents and was very lonely. She was allowed to play in the park on the family estate, and soon she was joined by a little boy who seemed to be about six or seven. Thea described him as having blond curly hair and blue eyes, "and I can see him as clearly today as then. He said he would come and play with me."

Thea wrote later, "I remember him stretching his little hand forth and a beautiful Monarch butterfly rested upon it. He told me, 'Look at this butterfly, because you will be like this one day. You, too, will be changed and you will not be what you are now, but you will have a life that is different. . .  But you must wait, just like this butterfly had to wait and had to grow through different stages. So you also must grow through different stages until you come to the state of a butterfly'."

"Still, I didn't know who my friend was until some time later when my Hungarian grandmother came to visit us in Austria. She had heard some of the things that had happened to me and that I wanted to take my life. She thought, 'It is high time that someone takes this child to a church. She hasn't been to a church. That's her problem.' So she took me for the first time to a Catholic Church.

"I really didn't know how to behave in a church. While grandmother was busy talking to many people, I wandered to a table that held a lot of pictures. There I saw a picture of a young boy with curly hair and blue eyes and underneath it was written 'Jesus." Then I knew that my friend, who had come to me to talk about butterflies, was no one else except Jesus.

"I screamed excitedly to my grandmother, 'Look, grandmother, look! That's Him! That's Him!'

"She answered, 'Shhhh! You're not supposed to shout in church.'

"But I was so excited, I said, 'Grandmother, you've got to tell me. Who is this Jesus?' So grandmother sat down then and told me about Jesus. And from that day on I knew Him as my friend.

"Many years later, when I was twelve years old, Hitler marched into our little country of Austria."

Life then changed again for Thea. Her father and mother were taken away. Her grandfather was killed. Thea herself was hidden by a kitchen maid in a basement apartment. The Gestapo were looking for her. Questions again came to her, "Why am I alive?" But she would remember the butterfly and her friend, and this comforted her.

The maid then decided to take Thea to church once again. It was a secret meeting in the basement of a very old church. The maid gave her directions, and Thea sneaked out one morning to go to this meeting.

Thea wrote, "It was an old stone building with huge iron doors. Only one, the back door, could open. The side doors had been shut for centuries and were never opened.

"I had come fairly near the front when the preacher came in. He opened the Bible and gave us a message on salvation. He told about Jesus and how He died for us and how by His blood we have been saved; how we have the opportunity to be born again, to be a new creation like the butterfly. And I began to remember some of the things my friend had told me, and they began to make sense.

"At the end of the sermon, and the reading of Scripture, I knew that my heart belonged to my friend, Jesus. I said, 'Alright, Jesus, I belong to You. If you want to take me out of this life now, fine. If I am to go on living, that's also alright with me. Whichever you want.' But I didn't know how very quickly this was going to be put to the test.

"For, as soon as the sermon was over and the people had come forward, giving their lives to God, the back door opened. The Gestapo walked in. With the first shots of their machine guns, they killed the preacher. Then they turned the guns on us and said, "The same thing will happen to you unless you deny this God that you call Jesus and you pledge your allegiance to Hitler, for he is your true savior. No one else can save you, except Hitler'."

To be continued.

This is the first part of a series titled "Thea's Story." To view all parts, click the link below.

Thea's Story

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