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The Perfect Storm on the Horizon

Aug 05, 2009

Movies often have a way of establishing English words or phrases into the mainstream vocabulary. One movie was called The Perfect Storm. It was based on a true story about three storm systems converging at a single point in the North Atlantic, and a fishing vessel that was lost in the super-storm.

This term has been applied to the economic crisis beginning in 2007, where the three "storm systems" were: mortgage-backed securities, the housing collapse, and the credit crisis.


Today, as we step back and look at the bigger picture, we can treat the entire financial crisis as a single storm converging with two other major storms: a looming war between the Israelis and Iran, and a contrived health-care crisis called The Swine Flu Pandemic.

The convergence of these three storms in the next few months would create a much bigger crisis than the single storm of the financial crisis.

It appears quite likely that these might converge simultaneously at the beginning of 2010 (by Hebrew calendar, which begins Sept. 20). I have written in blogs since July 28, 2008 about 2010 as being a major watch date, because it is the convergence of two major time cycles--both dated from the destruction of Samaria in 721 B.C.

It is 13 x 210 years from 721 B.C. to 2010 A.D. (time of Jacob's trouble)

It is 7 x 390 years from 721 B.C. to 2010 A.D. (time of Israel's tribulation in Ez. 4:5)

In each case, the final period of time defines important clues as to the meaning of the cycle. The final 210-year period is from 1800-2010. The year 1800 is the year the White House was built, and the government moved to Washington D.C. We now have in office the 42nd man to occupy the White House.

The final 390-year period is from 1620-2010. The year 1620, of course, is when the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock and made the Mayflower Compact, which reads in part,

"Having undertaken for the Glory of God, and Advancement of the Christian Faith . . ."

These people were not interested in establishing secular government. They assumed as a matter of course that God was the ultimate Sovereign of all that He has created, and that it is man's duty to recognize His right to own and direct all matters pertaining to His Kingdom.

Health Scare Bill

Now that we are nearing the start of the year 2010, the emerging conditions are becoming clearer. The big news from Washington, of course, is the Health Scare Bill. While it is touted for all its "good" points, few politicians are talking about the "hooks in the bait."

If private people cannot afford health care, why do we think government can afford it? The simple fact is that it cannot afford it, and so they will use this excuse to deny people health care if they do not conform to government policies, or if they are considered to be "too old" to waste money keeping them alive.

It really amounts to legalized euthanasia, all justified by the fact that the government cannot afford to give them health care!

With this will come the new policy of forced medication (i.e., the swine flu vaccine). I was told by a Minnesota congressman that this will not be a problem, because Minnesota law allows religious exemptions. Correct me if I'm wrong, but does not a federal law trump a state law in such cases? Secondly, it is easy to get around this problem by using the usual legalisms. Ok, you can use your religious exemption, but then you will be denied universal health care system (that you are paying for with your taxes) until you get your vaccination.

Beyond the legal problem, it is quite clear already that the swine flu's death rate is not much different from regular flu. And according to many doctors, if people would just take daily Vitamin D (or get more sunshine), they would probably not get sick with any kind of flu, or (if they did get sick) they would recover in a few days with no problem.

Listen to Dr. John Cannell's 6-minute video on Vitamin D and Swine Flu:


It is increasing clear that this Health Scare bill is using the fear of "pandemic" to gain medical control over the population and to use access to health care to blackmail the people into submission.

Israeli Attack on Iran

The press has reported two conflicting deadlines for Iran to comply with the American wish to shut down the nuclear program. They are September and "by the end of the year." It is also reported that the Israelis are taking this to mean that after the deadline has passed, America will back their attack on Iran.

It is also reported that Iran's nuclear "program" is not the same as a nuclear "weapon." The program is to build a power plant, so that Iran is not dependent upon foreign oil (refined). Yes, they export a lot of crude oil, but they lack refineries to meet their domestic need, and so they have to import refined oil. A nuclear power plant would be of enormous benefit to them.

It is reported that Iran does not have a nuclear arsenal, but that they could produce it within a year, if given the nod from their Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei. So far that does not appear to have happened, although, of course, there are a number of Mossad disinformation reports going around that claims otherwise. Christian Zionists never question the motives of the Mossad, even though their official motto is: "By Way of Deception."

This is also the title of a book by Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad officer who escaped from the Mossad and lived to tell about it.

But regardless of the actual truth, the important factor for us to consider is perceived truth and the goal of deception. There is no doubt that the Israelis would love to bomb Iran back to the stone age. They hate nuclear competition, even though it was understood back in the 1960's that an Israeli nuclear arsenal would spark a nuclear arms race eventually. That day actually came 20 years ago when Saudi Arabia built a nuclear missile base at the foot of Jabal al Lawz, near the Gulf of Aqaba. (See Howard Blum's 1998 book, The Gold of Exodus.)

Since Jabal al Lawz is the true site of Mount Sinai, as proven by Blum's book (and others), I have often wondered if Jerusalem would ultimately be destroyed by a nuclear missile from there. One could argue that Jerusalem is Mount Sinai in Arabia (Gal. 4:25), and Jerusalem is under the spiritual authority of Mount Sinai. Therefore, it would seem fitting that Jerusalem would come under divine judgment from Jabal al Lawz.

Yet we know that Iran is a primary player in this as well, because Iran is Persia, and Persia was the nation that conquered old Babylon. But I do not think that Iran has the nuclear capability of destroying Jerusalem. They seem to be more in the position of the spark in the gunpowder room. So I do not really know how it will turn out or where the prophesied nuke will come from.

The big question is whether or not we will see a perfect storm of events in 2010. I think it is very likely, and that we should do what we can to prepare ourselves in the light of all three storm systems on the horizon.

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