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The Hezekiah Factor--Part 2

Aug 22, 2009

The Hezekiah Factor was the divine manipulation of Time so that the Jubilee could be celebrated ten years beyond the calendar Jubilee without actually being late.

Israel's 14th Jubilee occurred in 721 B.C., the same year that Samaria was destroyed. This was 210 years after Israel had become a separate nation from Judah (931 B.C.) at the death of King Solomon. Neither Israel nor Judah celebrated the Jubilee in 721 B.C. However, God decreed that the land should have its rest (Jubilee), and so the Israelites were deported off the land to give the land its rest.

Judah was then given its Jubilee sign 8-10 years later, with deliverance coming in the tenth year--as if this were their Year of Jubilee (711). God prophetically turned the clock back ten years so that they could be given a Jubilee Year ten years late and still be on time. This was the 220th year since the breach between Israel and Judah.

This pattern was repeated in modern history as well. The great breach between Israel and Judah in modern times occurred in 1776, when the American colonists revolted against the throne of David (Britain). The best-known issue was "high taxes without representation." It was the same issue as in ancient times. 1 Kings 12:3-4 says.

(3) . . . Jeroboam and all the assembly of Israel came and spoke to Rehoboam, saying, (4) "Your father [Solomon] made our yoke hard; therefore lighten the hard service of your father and his heavy yoke which he put on us, and we will serve you."

It is interesting that the year 1776 is 12 x 210 years after the beginning of Israel's deportations in 745 B.C. (I wrote earlier that 1800 is 12 x 210 years after the fall of Samaria in 721 B.C.) This is that very important 2,520-year cycle.

In 1776 God caused a breach between the representatives of Israel and Judah in modern times. In doing so, God brought an ancient problem to the surface so that it could be resolved in the end. If we think of this date as running parallel to the revolt against Rehoboam, then it follows that when America was 210 years old, we would see a re-run of a Jubilee that was not kept.

210 years later came to 1986, which was the 120th Jubilee from Adam. As I have written, the Church did not know of this Jubilee, because they refused to seek God from 1981-1986. And so they did not prophetically blow the trumpet of the Jubilee in October of 1986. Meanwhile, however, God was busy separating the overcomers from the church (as barley from wheat), in order to work through them to do His will.

Hence, on the Day of Atonement, September 23, 1996, representatives of the overcomers were called to declare the Jubilee, even though it was ten years late. It was America's 220th anniversary since 1776. Though the Jubilee was ten years late by the calendar, it was declared right on time because of the Hezekiah Factor. What God did in the days of Hezekiah was repeated in modern history. Turning the clock back ten steps on the sundial of Ahaz in ancient times turned out to be a prophetic pattern for us today.

2010: Another Jubilee Year

What is just now being revealed, however, is that the year 2010 is like ANOTHER Jubilee year in some manner. I had not contemplated this prior to this week, but here is what it looks like:

There were two main dates that have to do with Israel's deportation and captivity in biblical times.

745 B.C. (Beginning of deportations)
721 B.C. (Fall of Samaria, the capital)

These two dates must be considered when looking 2,520 years later, when we began to come out of this lengthy captivity of "seven times" (Lev. 26:24). The endpoints are:

1776 A.D. (America's independence)
1800 A.D. (Building Washington D.C., the capital)

And so, there are multiple 210-year cycles to consider in this modern application of the Hezekiah Factor. The first ended in 1986, the 120th Jubilee. (See Secrets of Time.)

But 210 years dated from the building of Washington D.C. runs from 1800-2010. So by extension, 2010 is much like the year 1986. Both dates are endpoints of a 2,520-year cycle since the downfall of the house of Israel from 745-721 B.C.

I received revelation back in 1994 of the Hezekiah Factor and how it related to the ten years from 1986-1996, but it has only been this past week that I had any revelation that the year 2010 was also a Jubilee year.

There is a difference, however. Back in 1986, which was the end of 210 years since 1776, the Church refused to respond to the call of the Net of Prayer, and so the times and seasons were not revealed to them. Hence, the great Jubilee passed without any acknowledgement, and the work had to be done 10 years later by the overcomers.

But this time around, God has seen fit to reveal the Jubilee of 2010 before Sept. 28, and so we will not need to undergo another Hezekiah Factor to the year 2020. In other words, it is being revealed to us in the 210th year of Washington D.C., so that we may declare the Jubilee on time.

So we should view this coming declaration as an echo of the declaration in 1996, but done this time on schedule.

The very fact that the revelation has come to us in time to act upon it at the appropriate time (Sept. 28) tells me that, unlike the Church from 1981-1986, we were obedient in the Haggai ministry of 2001-2006. We kept our ears open to hear and obey His voice, and so now, at the appropriate time, the revelation has come allowing us to declare this Jubilee in 2010.

All of these dates can be confusing to many people. Don't worry about it. Not everyone has to understand the intricacies of timing, as long as we know enough to do His will. But let me try to chart this out one more time for clarification:

1776 - 1986 = 210 years. (Jubilee deferred 10 years to Sept. 23, 1996)
1800 - 2010 = 210 years. (Jubilee declared Sept. 28)

These years, 1776 and 1800, are the two main endpoints of the 2,520-year cycle dating from Israel's captivity, because it took 24 years for the deportations to be completed. At the same time, God has brought up the "breach" between the scepter and the birthright, putting this same issue onto the world stage in order that He might come as "the repairer of the breach" (Isaiah 58:12).

The political "breach" seen between Britain and America gives us the timing of a much deeper repair taking place. Eventually, we will see a reunification of both nations (along with many others) under the Headship of King Jesus in the Kingdom of God. But more importantly, King Jesus is coming as the Heir of the Birthright (Joseph, with his robe dipped in blood), as well as the Heir of the Throne of David, to reunite the scepter and the birthright that was divided after the death of Solomon.

This breach first occurred in 931 B.C. and 14 x 210 years later is the year 2010. The first 210-year cycle took us to 721 B.C., and 12 more periods of 210 years brings us to the year 1800. The final (14th) period of 210 years brings us from 1800-2010.

And here we are. Are we about to see the repair of the breach in 2010? No doubt this will form part of the Jubilee declaration on Sept. 28. It will take longer for this declaration to manifest in the world.

This is the final part of a series titled "The Hezekiah Factor." To view all parts, click the link below.

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