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Separating Wheat and Barley

Aug 14, 2009

The other day, at the end of the web log, I mentioned that back in 1985-1986 the Lord separated the overcomers from the church. I think it would be helpful to explain that further.

First, it does NOT mean that all overcomers left their denominational churches (or that they were expected to leave). It does not really matter what organizations people have joined per se; what really matters is that we be led by the Spirit. Some are led to leave; others are led to stay; still others will have to remain for a while longer but leave later. God has reasons for leading everyone in different ways.

Organizations are not "the Church" from a biblical perspective. People are the Church, and organizations are simply legal entities that are granted certain privileges or advantages by governments. In its ignorance of biblical matters, the government calls these organizations "churches," but this is not the biblical definition. It is not possible for any man to make "the Church" into a 501(c)3 organization, unless one could somehow to go to heaven and make the case in the Divine Court.

Back in May of 1985, I received revelation while writing a letter that God was beginning to separate the overcomers from the church. This had to do with how God views the Church (Christian believers). Up to that time, and for the previous 1900+ years, all believers including the overcomers were part of the same Kingdom in the Pentecostal Age (beginning in Acts 2).

If we think of it in terms of the Kingdom of Saul, we can make the analogy that all Israelite citizens were subject to Saul, including David, the overcomer. But the time came when David had to run for his life, and so, from Saul's perspective, David was an outlaw and a traitor. Saul himself created the situation where David was no longer subject to him.

To put it in farming terms, we understand that wheat represents the church, while barley represents the overcomers in biblical symbolism. (See my books.) The law says in Lev. 19:19, "you shall not sow your field with two kinds of seed." At the end of the Pentecostal Age, the difference between these two kinds of believers (like Saul and David) becomes so apparent that it becomes necessary for God to divide His "land" into two distinct fields. God has room for both barley and wheat, but He has now separated them into two fields in order to abide by His own law (the expression of His will).

This is what God began to do in 1985-1986, after revealing His intent in May of 1985. I did not really understand it at the time, nor did I yet know the prophetic distinction between barley and wheat. I did not even know that 1986 was the 120th Jubilee from Adam and that He was doing this because the Church had ignored the call to prayer (1981-1986). If the Church (i.e., leadership) had responded to the call to prayer in those days, God would have revealed the secret of Timing to them, and they would have known to declare the Jubilee in 1986 on the Day of Atonement.

But in rejecting the call to prayer, the Church organizations ("Saul") were disqualified as being called overcomers in the eyes of God. Throughout the Pentecostal Age, the decisions of the church leaders ("Saul") had been binding upon the overcomers, because the overcomers were part of the same "field." But in 1985-1986 God removed the overcomers from the jurisdiction of "Saul" and made them into another body of people by His own law.

The result was that regardless of how rebellious Saul was, it no longer implicated David. It only affected those under Saul's jurisdiction.

From then on, God began to train the overcomers of this generation, so that they would know what to do in bringing the Age to a close, declare the Jubilee, overthrow Babylon by the power of the Spirit, and to establish the Kingdom of God. What the Church had been called to do, the overcomers would actually accomplish.

In the early 1990's, I took note that this was a 10-year delay according to the Hezekiah Factor. In fact, the main purpose of the Hezekiah Factor was to provide the overcomers with a ten-year training period so that they would be equipped to do the work that the church had refused to do.

And so, the call to prayer from 1981-1986, culminating with the 120th Jubilee was delayed and repeated from 1991-1996 among the overcomers. In 1991 the Father called me out from my labors in secular work and led me to issue a new call to intercession and spiritual warfare. In fact, my last official day of work was the Day of Atonement of 1990, which by the Hebrew calendar, was ten days into the year 1991.

On May 28, 1991 I received the word to gather with others and pray to "establish the new Net of Prayer." Two years later, on May 30, 1993, we reached the 40th Jubilee of the church that ended the prophetic reign of "Saul." That is the day "Saul died," and we entered the 7-1/2 year transition from Saul to David (2 Sam. 5:5).

In November of 1993 we began the actual warfare to take Babylon to the Divine Court and lodge a complaint that its time of jurisdiction had ended, and that they were refusing to let us go (Jer. 50:33). This began the 13-year warfare called the Jubilee Prayer Campaign.

Meanwhile, we received the revelation of timing, which I set forth in my book, Secrets of Time, showing that we were to declare the Jubilee on the Day of Atonement of 1996 (ten years later by the Hezekiah Factor). What the church had not done in 1986, we were able to do in 1996 through the divine manipulation of time, as patterned in the story of Hezekiah.

At that time we were still unaware that the Jubilee Prayer Campaign would take 13 years to fulfill. We knew that it represented the Battle of Jericho, of course. We knew that even before we began the warfare. But we did not know that the 13 times they marched around Jericho was actually a count of years. Such revelation came progressively.

There are many details in the story, of course, but the point being made today is how it fit with the divine separation between the church and the overcomers in 1985-1986. These two "fields" have been separated and established; but as far as the individual people are concerned, each has opportunity to be part of whatever field they wish to be in. It has to do with the heart. Organizational membership is largely irrelevant, except insofar as they may influence a person to prevent them from going beyond Pentecost into Tabernacles, or going beyond wheat into barley.

Let me also make it clear that I have no organization that one can join or should join in order to be an overcomer. It would not be possible for me to set up such an organization, because that is between you and God. I am only a messenger boy called to deliver mail. Everyone should do what they are called to do, and no one is better than anyone else.

Yet callings do bring authority and responsibility in those areas of calling. If I do not fulfill my calling, God will hold me accountable. In fact, He did so from 1986-1989 when at first I refused, and I spent 3 x 414 days under divine discipline. I repented in 1989, and a year later He brought me into this ministry full time. Now I know better than to try to escape the call on my life.

My call is to keep you informed of the things that I see God doing in the earth, and to explain why God is doing them at this particular time in history. This is so that you are better equipped to understand the times in which you live and how better to fulfill your own callings. I, in turn, learn from the revelation of other people who are fulfilling their callings properly.

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