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Rock 'n Roll Prophecy from 1997

Aug 22, 2009

When President Obama was elected last November, there were bumper stickers everywhere saying, "Barack and Roll". By the Hezekiah Factor, 1997 has a connection to 2007, when the mortgage crisis started the financial and banking crises.



Not many days from now,

A mighty tumult I shall allow.

The government shall rock and roll,

Till everything shall be undone,

Till everything that I have said,

In all the newspapers shall be read.


This nation shall quake and shake,

Fearfulness shall grip the heart,

Till Washington DC shall come apart.


Till every man’s sins shall be made bare,

Till all the truth shall be declared.

There will be no place for them to hide,

To run for shelter,

From how they’ve lied.


Like wood to the fire,

the truth shall be made known,

Till all is seen, till all is shown.


Isa. 28:17-19

Psl. 91:8


Given by the Spirit to:   Jack Hodgdon

                                      January 22, 1997

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