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Revolution in the Wind

Aug 11, 2009

As I observe the course of American history in the past century, it appears that we are now reaching a point of great change. You might even call it a revolution. It appears to me that in the year 2010 we will be reaching some sort of climax in a trend that has been going on for a long time.

Tracing this back to 1933, when America first was brought into bankruptcy and the big bankers foreclosed upon us, making us their slaves, we can see a great shift take place, as America began to be secularized and changed from a Christian Republic to a Secular Democracy. This trend remained largely unchallenged until 1973 with the legalization of abortion (Roe v. Wade).

That Supreme Court ruling, however, began to awaken Christian people in America--particularly among Catholics. Christians were roused into action, and many united under the anti-abortion banner. Then came the American bi-centennial in 1976, which created some nostalgia for the principles of the original Republic. People began to realize that their nation was not the same one that was established by the founders.

As a consequence, the people voted for President Carter, whom they saw as a "Conservative Democrat" from the south--as opposed to a "liberal Democrat" like Lyndon Johnson. Likewise, the "Moral Majority" was established by Jerry Fallwell, who united many people under the banner of "morality," rather than by denomination.

The next election was even more expressive of this new sentiment, with the election of Ronald Reagan. The so-called "Reagan revolution" was again a symptom of Christians becoming involved in the political process, demanding a return to the days of the Christian Republic--that is, the Republic based upon Christian laws.

The inauguration of President Clinton in January of 1993 marked the midpoint in this new revolution. It was the point where the two ideas (secularism and Christian republicanism) reached an impasse. The nation reached the place of clear polarization in 1993. I suggest that this point was marked by the president's new policy for the military--"Don't ask; don't tell," in relation to homosexuals in the military.

That was President Clinton's first major policy announcement in early 1993. It served to add "anti-gay rights" to the anti-abortion agenda of Christian Republicans. Likewise, it served to draw a line in the sand between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, because by this time the "Christian Right" (as they are now called) became a major force in the Republican Party, and the secularists became a major force in the Democratic Party.

Essentially, these two ideas or ideologies have become the dominant forces in each of the two major parties. Thus, neither side finds it easy to compromise and move toward the "middle of the road." The Great Divide has taken place, and this polarization has only become more pronounced since then.

By the mid-1990's, then, it was not hard to see that America was moving toward a revolution, a civil war, or (at the very least) a "clash of cultures."

The fact that 1993 also marked the prophetic end of the Age of Pentecost (i.e., the "death of Saul") underlined the importance of that year in the history of the world and of the Kingdom of God. It also coincided with the 13-year spiritual warfare, the "Jericho march" from 1993-2006, in which we did our part to change the conditions in the spiritual realm that must take place if earthly changes are to be established permanently.

Ten years after 1993 came the overthrow of the old territory of Babylon, which we know today as Iraq. This was also 70 years after 1933. Signs began to abound that the Neo-Babylon was falling. The year 2006 was also ten years after 1996--the year we were led to proclaim the Jubilee. These ten-year cycles were important as part of the "Hezekiah Factor," which I explained in Secrets of Time.

In 2007 we began to see the breakdown of the financial system, as we had expected after completing our "Jericho march" in October of 2006. This is the collapse of the "wall (street) of Jericho."

The financial chaos, created by the fall of Humpty Dumpty from the wall street, cannot be put back together again. Even if some sort of patchwork is successful, America will never be the same again. A financial revolution is taking place in the form of a power grab, because "more power to the Fed" is the only acceptable solution to the banks that foreclosed upon the nation in 1933. They will not give up power willingly, nor will they part with their power to create money, which they induced Congress to give them in 1913.

President Bush (Jr) and Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan laid the foundations for the housing bubble in 2001 when they began to greatly inflate the monetary supply. They did this in response to the collapse of the dot-com bubble. You see, when a bubble pops, the only "solution" they know is to create more money, which by definition is the creation of more debt to pay for the previous debts that have come due.

This works fine the first few times, but eventually it catches up to us. With the collapse of the mortgage bubble and the derivatives bubble, it has now caught up to us. The fact that the "fix" requires the creation of trillions of dollars this time shows clearly that we have reached the point where vast amounts of money can only postpone the inevitable for a short time.

President Obama, I believe, was engineered into office to be the "fall guy" during the collapse. The trillion-dollar bailouts have done more to create anger than anything since Roe v. Wade. His failure to show a valid birth certificate has served to give people further excuse to be angry. The collapse of business and the unemployment rate is creating much unrest.

And now we may be seeing the final straw that breaks the camel's back with the new Health Care bill. I know that politicians are scared of the people, but many of them are trapped by their own party system into supporting any bill that their leaders support. Even if they don't read the bill.

Remember when Congress was presented a bailout bill a thousand pages long, shortly after President Obama took office? Many assume that after Mr. Obama moved into the White House, he stayed up into the wee hours of the morning typing out this bailout bill. No, it had already been written for him by unnamed lawyers working for the banks, and the bankers told him to claim this bill as his own and push it through Congress.

The same is happening now with the Health Care bill, except that this one was written by lawyers representing the Pharmaceutical companies. They have worked on this bill for many years--long before Mr. Obama came on the scene.

If these trillion-dollar bills were designed to make people angry, to polarize the people, and to foment revolution, they are succeeding. The elderly are the most faithful voters, and they are the ones being threatened by the Health Care bill with euthanasia. They are the ones we are seeing at the "town hall meetings." And they are riled.

The politicians are trying to defend the objectionable paragraphs in the bill, instead of offering an ammendment to remove these paragraphs. If those euthanasia paragraphs are being misunderstood, then why not remove them or at least clarify them on paper??? The solution seems simple enough. But it seems as if God has hardened their hearts in order to bring this to a crisis. It appears that God is treating them like Pharaoh in the days of Moses, in preparation for a great release from the House of Bondage.

It appears that the year 2010 could become the year of Cyrus in the overthrow of Babylon. Pray that it will not also be a year of chaos and anarchy.

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