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New Booklet available--Biblical Money, the Silver-Barley Standard

Aug 25, 2009

This booklet on Biblical Money - The Silver-Barley Standard is a pocket sized booklet, 34 pages long, $1.50 each. Now available. I did a weblog series on this last January, but this adds more material and brings things into greater clarity.

I have also finished a revised, updated edition of Lessons from Church History, which includes an extra chapter on The New Testament Canon. This incorporates material that I have learned from Lee Woodard's book, First Century Gospels Found. I devoted a weblog to his findings on July 7, 2009.

I made some minor revisions and corrected some typos throughout Volume 1, but the main change is the addition of chapter 24 above.

Spiral-bound copies are available for $24.99 each. (This is all four volumes bound in one book.)


You may order through the BibleStudyStoreHouse.com through the links above.

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