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Honor Killing--Testimony of a Young Girl

Aug 26, 2009

Some of you may not realize that Islam is a religious prison. Once a person is a Muslim, or converts to Islam, that person loses the freedom to leave it, on pain of death.

Even in America, this is the case. In the case of this young girl, she would have been sent overseas to be incarcerated in a mental institution, or killed there, where such a thing is more acceptable.

Our immigration policies are a matter of national suicide. God is showing us the fallacy of man's laws under so-called "democracy" so that we understand better their contrast with the laws of the Kingdom.

When we supported Zionism in the last century, we awoke a sleeping giant in the Middle East. Because they could not fight us militarily, they opted for conquest by immigration--the same policy that the Zionists took a century ago. Just as they conquered Palestine by immigration, so also the European countries responsible for such policies are now being conquered by immigration. If there is no repentance, and if there is no heart change among Christians, if they continue to support the injustice against the Palestinians, God will continue to bring judgment upon the Church.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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