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His Lips are on the Horn

Aug 10, 2009

Here is letter that I received from a long-time friend in Maryland. . .

In the last week of July 2009, a neighbor had an interesting experience as she drove to work.

As she traveled down a state road in the Western part of Maryland, she spotted a hitchhiker at the side of the road. As she got closer to him, the Lord spoke, "Pick up this man!" She answered Him saying, "But Lord, I do not ever pick up hitchhikers." The Lord replied, "This time, pick up this man!"

She followed His order and picked up the man. As he settled himself in the seat, she continued on down the road. In a moment he broke the silence by saying, "HIS LIPS ARE ON THE HORN!" At this, she turned her head to look at him, and as she did, he disappeared from the car. This shocked her so that she lost control momentarily of the car.

It was not long after she got the car back under her control that she was pulled over a State Trooper. He asked her what her problem was. She said, "You would not believe me if I told you." The Trooper replied, "Well, try me." She then told him about the hitchhiker she had just picked up who made the statement, "HIS LIPS ARE ON THE HORN!" Then to her surprise, the man simply vanished. The Trooper replied to her, "Well, strangely, I do believe you, for you are the seventh person this morning to say exactly the same thing."


The horn (or trumpet) indicates a particular message, as per Joel 2:1, "Blow the trumpet in Zion." A trumpet call indicates a message being proclaimed.

Why now? My own revelation in the series that just concluded (on the bondwoman) indicates that it is the message of the Birthright in the context of the second work of Christ.

Revelation has been progressive throughout history. In each generation there is something new added, which men are required to believe, that goes beyond the revelation of the past generation and which clarifies the mind and intent of God. And in each case, the revelation had its nay-sayers and opposition (unbelievers).

Noah had the revelation of the flood, opposed by everyone else. Later in Gen. 9, he had revelation of the restoration covenant that God was making with every living creation on earth; Abraham had his revelation of how to step out by faith, but his own father stayed behind at Haran; Moses had a revelation of the laws of the Kingdom, opposed by all the lawless ones; David had a revelation of rulership in the Kingdom, opposed by Absalom; John the Baptist had the revelation of preparing the way for the first coming of Christ, opposed by the religious leaders.

Jesus Himself brought a huge revelation of the character of the Kingdom. The conflict between Him and the usurpers of the throne is well documented, and in the NT shows that the divine requirement was to believe that Jesus was the genuine One called to the Throne.

In later years, Martin Luther had the revelation of Passover and coming out of "Egypt" (old religious order) by faith alone. The Wesleys and others had the revelation of crossing the red sea (sanctification, holiness movement). The Bible Societies (1800 on) had the revelation of sending missionaries into the world (Elim, the place of 70 palms and 12 wells, which are the 70 nations of the world given the wells of salvation).

Then came the revelation that God still heals people. That was the revelation of Marah ("I am the Lord that healeth thee.")

Then came Charles Parham and others in 1900 with the revelation of Pentecost (Mount Sinai).

Then came the Latter Rain Movement in 1948-1952, which was the call to cross the Jordan and enter into the Inheritance. But like Israel of old, those who were called refused to enter, by giving their inheritance to the Zionists who refused to enter because they had staged a revolt against Joshua-Jesus.

We are now at the point where it is time to enter the Inheritance, the Promised Land. What is the message of the hour? It is to reverse the decision of 1948 and to "cast out the bondwoman and her son." It is to know that YOU are the true inheritors of the promise, and that only believers in the true Christ are qualified to receive this inheritance. If you do not follow Joshua (Yeshua, Jesus), you will not be successful in entering the Promised Land. More than that, believers have to remain true to Jesus, rather than betray Him as did Judas.

This is the message of the hour. This is why His lips are on the horn.

On June 21, 2009 we entered into a 3-1/2 year period ending on Dec. 21, 2012. This time period runs directly parallel to the ministry of Christ in the NT. On that date, we received revelation that this was like the baptism of Jesus. We thus expected to see a 40-day period representing Jesus' 40 days in the wilderness following His baptism. This is how we arrived at July 31 as a watch date.

Without realizing the correlation, I began my series on the bondwoman on that specific date. It was not until I was doing Part 5 that it began to dawn on me the significance of this series. To me, it was like a thesis statement, not unlike Jesus' thesis in Luke 4:16-21, when he read Isaiah 61:1, 2 in the synagogue. That Scripture was Jesus' primary theme throughout His ministry in the next 3-1/2 years. It defined who He was, what was His calling, and what men were required to believe about Him in His first appearance.

In this second time around, it is still all about Jesus, but this time it is about Jesus as the Birthright holder of Joseph. The conflict is no longer over the throne, but now it is over the Birthright. Who will we support? What revelation about Jesus shall we believe in our generation? That is the question. You know my opinion, because I have tried to express it as clearly as possible.

I personally believe that this is the "horn" that is now on His lips.

Oh, one other thing. Please do not put any words in my mouth in regard to Dec. 21, 2012. I have no further revelation about it at this time.

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