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God Speaks to the Evangelical Lutheran Church

Aug 24, 2009

The "Evangelical" Lutheran Church held a conference the other day to determine whether they should CONTINUE to allow practicing homosexuals as clergy. Since a number of such ministers were interviewed on television, it is obvious that they were already being allowed. And keep in mind that their congregations had continued to attend and to support those churches financially. Like people, like priest. Once again, we get what we deserve.

But God seems to have had His say in the matter. At the very time (2:00 p.m.) that they were scheduled to vote on this measure, the Lutheran Church across the street from the convention cetner was struck by a freak tornado. Its steeple was stripped, and the cross on its top was turned UPSIDE DOWN. An upside down cross? That sounds a bit like a witchcraft symbol.


More and more denominational churches are conforming to the image of this world and openly establishing their lawless nature in direct rebellion against God. The fact that so many remain members show us the true condition of the hearts of the people.

Someday they will have to pray the prayer of Manasseh.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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