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Education--Babylonian and Christian

Aug 12, 2009

America's educational system has slowly been turned into cultural re-education centers, designed to secularize the children from the earliest age and to enculturate them in Neo-Babylonian values.

There are plenty of good excuses to do this, of course, because with secularization has come a de-moralization of the people. The rulers of Neo-Babylon in our time have cut loose the religious and spiritual cords and motivations by which morality has meaning; then after they have created the problem, they rush to the rescue with more programs designed to enslave us further and to turn us further from Kingdom culture.

The first really big item on their agenda was to remove prayer from the schools, which they succeeded in doing by legislation in the early 1960's. Now, I'm not advocating that any child be forced to pray to the Christian God against his will. I'm just saying that this was part of the secularization of the nation that began to take place under President Roosevelt in the great shift from the Christian Republic to the Secular Democracy.

There were many factors playing into this, not the least of which were the economic factors. If Congress had not passed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913-14, America would not have been bankrupt in 1933, and the nation's government would not have gone into foreclosure. But once it did, new hidden masters were placed over us, and they imposed new rules upon their new-found slaves. They gave them numbers on their birth certificates and then their Social Security cards to depersonalize them and commercialize them, so that they could be bought and sold among themselves as Rev. 18:13 says.

Back in the 1960's and 70's, the big conflict between parents and the educational system revolved around sex education. It started in high school and grade school, and then moved to the lowest grade levels. Then came the women's movement and the push to allow women into the military. Objections were voiced that this would put women into combat zones, and the Babylonian apologists assured us that this would never take place. All the while, they were re-educating us to accept that very role for women. Now it is so normal that it is seldom questioned.

A few years ago the big push finally got underway to re-educate the children as young as kindergarten level that it was okay to have two mommies or two daddies. It was the push to normalize homosexual relations, knowing that within a generation, no one would question it. By 2020 most people will look back at the 1990's and say, "How did those backward people ever think that homosexual relations could be a sin or a psychological sickness in need of a cure?"

If we presume America to be a secular Democracy, then government policy is logical. By now, most people have been conditioned to believe that our founding fathers actually set up this type of government from the beginning. However, with the legalization of abortion on demand in 1973, Christians began to organize and fight back. The bicentennial (1976) brought a renewed interest in Constitutional government, and Christians began to put their children into private schools where they could be more insulated from government revisionist history books.

The Home School movement also gained momentum at this time, largely with the dictum, "You owe your children a Christian education" pushed by Accelerated Christian Education (ACE). Up to that time, most private schools were Catholic, and Calvert was just about the only home school program in existence.

Alongside of this, the so-called Tax Revolt was sparked in California, and men began to actually study the law and to see how income tax on the law books means corporate income, not wages. A movement rose up, experimenting with the idea of "getting out of the system," something that was legally allowable, but which put people at a disadvantage in Babylonian society.

In that way it was not unlike the educational system, where people had the right to send their children to private schools, but they had to pay the extra costs themselves, while continuing to pay property taxes to support the public school system. Many Christians could not afford to do this, because the system worked against them.

Even so, the private Christian school system, along with home schooling, has probably been the largest counter-culture movement in Neo-Babylonian society. It has done more to keep "Christian culture" alive than any other factor, because it influenced children for at least five days a week, while Church itself influenced the children only one, or maybe two days a week at the most.

There are, however, a few major obstacles that have hampered the "Christian culture" movement. First, too many have put away the divine law. This was always the biblical reason for every captivity. Christian culturists do look to specific laws to support their positions, particularly the laws forbidding abortion and homosexual relations. But they are largely neutralized by the tradition that Jesus and Paul put away the law. How can one quote a law that has been put away in support of their position?

Secondly, the idea that the Jews are God's chosen people, even apart from Jesus Christ, has caused the churches to support and even encourage Jewish immigration to America. This brought in a non-Christian army that was paranoid about Christianity, and they quickly dominated the banking system, Hollywood, and to some extent the legal system and medical system. The Church's opposition to Babylonian culture has largely been neutralized by their inadvertent support of much of Babylon's leadership.

Thirdly, the Church's belief in Dispensationalism, including the idea of a rapture, antichrist, tribulation, and especially the Futurist view of the book of Revelation, has kept them largely ignorant of the fact that God put us into a Babylonian captivity in 1913-14. The Church sees it as a war between good and evil, rather than as a captivity from God. They see it as a prelude to the rise of a powerful leader known as "The Antichrist," instead of seeing "many antichrists" who existed in apostolic times and who now rule the earth. In fact, it has usually been taught that the prophecies of Babylon in the book of Revelation are yet future and have to do with the rebuilding of that literal old city in Iraq. And so they miss the whole point by overlooking the Babylon that has already arisen and which now rules the earth.

For years the idea of an imminent "rapture" kept Christians from participating in the political process or from obtaining an education to sustain them long-term. Their Futurist view of Revelation kept them looking to the future instead of seeing that they were the proverbial frog being boiled alive slowly.

Finally, in thinking that the Jews were Israel, Christians simply tightened their bonds by refusing to cast out the bondwoman. By not understanding the history of the Birthright, its purpose, its relationship to Sonship, and the nature of the conflict, evangelical and pentecostal Christianity has become part of the problem rather than the solution.

And so in 1985-86 the Father did a new thing by separating the overcomers from the Church in order to train them (in this generation) and to work through them to accomplish the work which the Church in general was unable to do. In 1993, after 7 years of preparation, the work actually began. But to be effective in this work requires biblical, prophetic, and spiritual knowledge with which the Church at large is ill equipped.

I try to do my part in the five-fold ministry as a teacher "for the equipping of the saints for the work of service" (Eph. 4:12).

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