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Another Story of Lips on the Horn

Aug 10, 2009

I do not know if this is another version of the same story as what was reported in late July, or if it is a separate incident. But it is worth reading:


There's another from March 30:


Other similar accounts have been reported as far away as New Zealand:


These may all be cases of wishful thinking or mass hysteria. There is no way that we can know for sure, unless we personally experience this type of thing. I do know that this kind of thing has been happening at least since the late 1970's, when it was reported in the newspapers in Europe. In fact, in Germany, they actually posted a police composite sketch of the man in question and published it in the newspaper. I saw the picture of the bearded man in jeans, backpack with a cross on it, etc. It looked like Chuck-Johnel who established the Net of Prayer, which I was part of from 1983-1989. I knew him personally and can testify that the police sketch was of Chuck, though he had never left the USA.

Angels have a way of taking certain men's appearances as needed, or according to callings and/or messages of the hour.

So the deluge of "sightings" in recent years does not necessarily indicate mass hysteria or people wildly telling tales that get distorted with each new storyteller. I suspect that this indicates that such "sightings" are becoming more and more frequent, and that the similarity of the accounts just means that the basic message and method is the same.

Of course, as usual, I cannot prove this either way. Perhaps if the police did a composite sketch to see if there was any similarity in their physical descriptions . . .

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