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America has lost control of its economic policy

Aug 14, 2009


The Paradigm Shift continues to displace the power centers and introduce new ones. Those bright souls who ignore the shift will be well prepared for systems that soon do not stand. The Americans are the last to know, oblivious to the global shift in progress. They continue to seek a return to normalcy, when old conditions are as gone as a baby’s innocence during teen years. The crux of the matter is that the United States is no longer in control of its fate. Meetings with creditor nation leaders result in new orders given, and new policy directives enacted. . . .

Back to reality on US soil. Many reports have come to the effect that at the end of August, a financial breakdown is due, and a shutdown of US banks is planned. We await the trigger events with mystery and intrigue as overtones. Some on Wall Street, arrogant to the end, believe that widespread awareness prevents the actual unfolding of events. They are suffering from a terminal disease though, as they believe they are in control. They are not. The USGovt creditors are in control. The August Hat Trick Letter reports have identified five major factors pointing to a severely stressful period of time at the end of August and into September. The FDIC is scheduled to release its Second Quarter Report that could reveal up to 1000 banks expected to croak, surely enough to exhaust their rescue fund by between 20-fold and 100-fold. Tin cups are heading to the USCongress committees. The USGovt federal limit must be extended again, and Treasury Secy Geithner has requested a $12.1 trillion limit. . . .

As a last footnote, never overlook the continued urgent Chinese initiative to ‘spend’ their USTBonds quickly, for useful tangible purposes, before any damaging sequence of events occurs. Simon Black (aka the International Man) wrote, “I have been spending a lot of time this week talking to my sources in China, one of whom is inside one of the country’s sovereign wealth funds (SWF). He also indicated that the SWF analysts were working around the clock trying to put deals together. For China it is a race against the clock for how fast they can convert their $2 trillion in USDollar holdings into strategic assets, namely oil and gold. At today’s deflated prices, putting together a really good billion dollar deal is a difficult thing to do. Putting together 2000 of them is impossible. Doing it before the dollar collapses? Not a Chinaman’s chance. And they know it.”

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