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A New Look at Babylon's Overthrow

Aug 13, 2009

Last night as my wife and I were praying, I asked (as usual) if He had anything to say. I usually start with that, whereas in my earlier years I had always gotten my own matters "off my chest" first, so that I could hear His voice without personal distraction. But in recent years I have been led to find out what is on His mind first.

I often go for weeks at a time without Him responding with a 'Yes, I have something to say." Last night, however, He broke the recent silence by telling us that it was time to petition the Divine Court that the harmful intent of our Babylonian rulers would not fall upon us, but upon their own heads.

Of course, whenever we are led to make a petition, it is always successful, because the Holy Spirit is the One directing it. I do not know what sparked the need for this petition, or why it would have to be done now, but we were obedient to this word.

In some way this is connected to the fact that we are nearing the end of the 3-1/2 year period that began March 15, 2006 and will end Sept. 15, 2009. Recall that March 15, 2006 was the 2,520-year anniversary of the completion of the second temple (515 B.C.). What we call the "Haggai ministry" first occurred from 520 -515 B.C., as dated in the first verse of the prophet's writing (2nd year of Darius). We had discerned back in the mid-1990's that Haggai's prophecy would be applicable 2,520 years later (2001-2006).

The year 2001, of course, saw the demolition of the Twin Towers, which released the second "bear" of my 1986 vision and began Gulf War II. On March 15, 2006 we saw the prophetic completion of the REAL temple that God is building--the corporate Temple built upon the foundation of the prophets and apostles (Eph. 2:20-22).

That completion date then began the time of building the VESSELS of the Temple, representing the various callings that we are given in the body. Since July 15 we saw these vessels finished, and entered into a two-month time of cleansing the vessels (July 15 to Sept. 15).

I do not have much revelation about this yet, which is why I have said little about it up to now. It usually takes time to get a more complete picture and also to get some confirmation by some in-the-world manifestation. Last night's petition before the Divine Court, however, was the first indication that the vessels of the temple are being raised up to counter the efforts of the Babylonian rulers who seek to kill and destroy Christians and most of the earth's population (on the grounds that there are too many people for the earth to sustain life under the Babylonian system).

Meanwhile, we have entered into another 3-1/2 year period from June 21, 2009 to Dec. 21, 2012. These two 3-1/2 year periods overlap by about 3 months, but I don't decide these matters and don't have any way of controlling the outcome. (Thank God!)

Anyway, all indicators point to the fact that civilization is coming to a climactic moment. Babylon's fall is causing its rulers to grab every shred of power that they can in order to hold things together. In so doing, they are alerting and alarming millions of people, including many of the very law-enforcement personnel (and Armed Forces including National Guard members) that they expect to carry out their orders to kill or intern American citizens.

It seems to me that when the Babylonian rulers order their "final solution," they will probably find that many of the armed forces and police and sheriff departments will protect the public instead of carrying out their orders.

It occurred to me that Babylon had been ruling Persia before Cyrus led the revolt against Babylon. In other words, Persia had been part of the Babylonian empire, but this overthrow was, in essence, a Civil War coming from within the ranks of the empire itself. In that way, it was not too different from the earlier time when the province of Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar had revolted against the Assyrian empire.

So just as Babylon had revolted from its Assyrian masters, so also did Persia revolt from its Babylonian masters with the help of the Media.

Don't count out the media today. There are many journalists who are just as concerned with the situation as you are. Many don't like mis-reporting or hiding facts, and many don't like having to betray the cause of honest journalism in order to keep their jobs. I suspect that the day will come when many Babylonian employees and officials will revolt against their masters, and that this will mark the dawn of a whole new paradigm in the earth.

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