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Possible Bank Holiday in late August

Jul 10, 2009

Here is what some are reporting . . .

This bears watching. Remember the old revelation: "July is like September." We have seen this parallel fulfilled virtually every year since the early 1980's. Corollary to this is that June is like August, and we have often seen this fulfilled as well.

PAN was cast out on June 24, and Michael Jackson, "The Great Pan," died the next day, June 25.

Will we see a comparable financial/banking event on August 24 or 25?

August 24 is a Monday. Bank holidays would normally be scheduled for a long week end, as in 1933. So perhaps it would be wise to watch that week end, beginning Saturday, August 22nd. Monday the 24th could actually be the first day of the "holiday," since the banks would be closed normally during the previous week end.

Anyway, I have no inside information about this, but we should be watchful and prudent.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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