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The Renewed Korean War

May 28, 2009

Yesterday, North Korea repudiated the 1953 armistice which ended the Korean War. Technically, this means that the Korean War has suddenly been renewed, because there is no truce in place. There never was a full peace, of course, because a truce or armistice simply means that both sides agreed to quit fighting until such time as a full Peace Treaty could be signed. That never happened.

So now Korea is technically at war once again, and since the USA was part of that war, that means we are now technically at war with North Korea. So far there has not been any shooting or bombing, but all such restrictions have been removed.


There is also a report which may or may not have validity, which Hal Turner has published. He is not really known for restraint or accuracy, but I think you should be aware of his claims so that you know what to watch.

Turner claims to have a Pentagon source who has told him that America will "likely" soon launch a nuclear attack on North Korea to destroy their nuclear capability and to send a message to Iran that this is how serious we take it when nations develop nuclear programs.

I have no idea how true this report is, and certainly there is a lot of disinformation being disseminated. The Pentagon too is not known for its truth telling, and I must say that if this news is leaking out, then such an attack is no longer a "secret." So it may just be a "controlled leak," whose purpose it is to threaten North Korea while maintaining plausible deniability. Frankly, I have no way of knowing. But with these caveats in mind, here's his article:


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