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Interesting Financial Article

May 28, 2009

The whole article below is interesting, if not unconventional. It ends by exposing one of those government manipulations, showing how they use some financial ingenuity to make the statistics look better. No doubt this is how they inspire "confidence" in order to trick people into thinking that all is well.

"And lastly, give credit to the USGovt statrats in their busy laboratories. They decided to ramp up the Q2 Gross Domestic Product by including all USGovt rescue funds for the big banks, including the diverse funds from the many liquidity facilities. All those funds will go directly into the GDP for Q2 as a special line item. Expect a miraculous economic recovery in the second quarter, based in vapor. The stock rally since March was based in accounting fraud. These are true American innovations, but too bad they are not exportable! They are not, since they have no value."


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Dr. Stephen Jones

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