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May 25, 2009

An astute reader found a mistake on my recent blog in regard to Washington D.C. He writes:

I was a little surprised that you have not checked your own geographical
information. For someone who is able to attach a PhD to his name, this
is almost unforgivable! Rome indeed is very close to the 42nd parallel
but a Google Earth check puts Washington DC between 38 degrees 47
minutes N and 38 degrees 59 minutes N.

Besides this, I am grateful for your studies which provide much food for
thought and meditation.

My apologies for the mistake. I will make the correction to prevent disinformation. Oh, by the way, if you look carefully, you will not see a PhD by my name. It is ThD. The Bible failed to mention the latitude of Washington. Even so, I should have looked it up, rather than rely upon faulty memory. My apologies, and kudos to the reader.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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