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The Breakdown of Public Order

Mar 20, 2009

We are witnessing the breakdown of the public order in society, and this will only increase as the financial crisis deepens. About 3 million French took to the streets recently, 216 years after the end of the "Reign of Terror" in 1793.


The same has taken place in many other countries as well. So far we have not seen that sort of thing in America, but I believe someone will push enough buttons until this happens here as well.

What should we do as aspiring overcomers? The main thing is to be watchful. Jesus never instructed us to cause trouble or to foment revolutions--other than repentance, which is a revolution of thinking.

Keep in mind that for every riot or angry demonstration, there is a police force and a military to guard the present system and its leaders. Their job is not really to protect the constitution, which allows the people to change its form of government. Their job is to protect the present Babylonian system, even if it means total martial law and the enslavement of the populace.

In my view, the violent and angry approach will only make things worse, because it gives an oppressive government the excuse to be more oppressive and to remove more rights from the people. The Israelis have used this tactic since the beginning with great success. They drove Palestinians out of their homes and towns, crowding them into refugee camps like Gaza in 1948. Then when the Palestinians fought back, the Israelis used it as an excuse to "defend themselves" and impose even greater oppressive measures.

That kind of thing creates a vortex and puts people into greater bondage.

It is not that we should "do nothing." Far from it. I am only saying that violence is not the answer. The answer is to change things like Jesus did. He did not change things by organizing killing squads to eliminate the oppressors of His day. His philosophy was not to see how many bad guys he could kill. His philosophy was to give His life, rather than to take the lives of others.

To be sure, the carnal mind can make no sense of this. For this reason, even Christians have perverted His message by trying to kill His (perceived or real) enemies.

It is for us to take the high road. Watch, so that you know and understand. Learn the Scriptures so that you know the divine plan. See that God is perfectly capable of bringing great Babylon into judgment without your help. God will use the "vessels of dishonor" to do the rioting. That is not the calling of the "vessels of honor." It is our job to establish the Kingdom. Our only work in destroying Babylon is by spiritual warfare, which the Babylonians do not believe is effective anyway.

In other words, as Jesus said in Matthew 10:16, "be wise as serpents, harmless as doves."

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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