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Release of Bush-era torture documents

Mar 04, 2009

The Civil Liberties Union has secured the release of 9 secret documents and memos from the Bush administration relating to the issue of torturing suspected terrorists.

I emphasize the word "suspected." That is always the problem. The moment someone is arrested or detained, the public always assumes guilt, and many tend to condone torture to extract confessions proving that guilt.

The release of these memos, along with the possible release of others already requested by the ACLU, could have a serious ripple effect. Remember, Jesus said there is nothing hidden that shall not be shouted from the house tops at some point. It will all come out in the end. If these memos actually become public knowledge, we could have a war-crimes trial here, prosecuting Americans by the same measure that America has prosecuted others guilty of the same stuff.

That would be a major turnaround. We have a long history of holding others accountable for things that America wants to do with immunity. That, of course, is a violation of the divine law of equal weights and measures (Deut. 25:13-16; Matt. 7:2), even if it is often considered to be a patriotic virtue.

It was good to hear President Obama make it clear on the record that waterboarding is torture, after Attorney General John Ashcroft repeatedly defended it as "not torture." (Ashcroft must be a Christian.) To see a short demonstration of waterboarding, you can see how long someone lasted before it became unbearable. Scroll down to the video link.

Waterboarding was invented by the Roman Church during the Spanish Inquisition some centuries ago. It was called "the water torture." It was used on heretics to extract confessions of heresy and to force people to recant so that their souls could be saved and they could go to heaven.

If we don't stop this practice now, it will be fully established when they accuse Christians of terrorism. I believe that is the long-term plan. Have you noticed that the lines between crime and terrorism are being blurred to the point where any crime could eventually be treated as terrorism? They are doing this in order to get around the laws dealing with ordinary "criminals." All they have to do is to reclassify a crime as a terrorist act, and then they are able to torture anyone into submission.

One would think that Christians would be the first to object to such violations of God's law. But instead the Christians are the greatest supporters of torture policy in the guise of patriotism and "saving American lives." In my view, the Christian view that God tortures sinners in literal fire forever and ever is what has given them the mindset that torture is divinely approved. They simply do not know the law of God, by which God has always judged the world. God's law makes no provision for torture at all. Torture is a tradition of men that directly violates the whole character and will of God.

So strange as it may seem, the solution to this political and legal problem is to teach the divine law and to show the true justice and mercy of God.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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