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Missouri Backs Down--Or does it?

Mar 28, 2009

On Feb. 20, 2009, Missouri issued a report to police that targeted supporters of third-party political candidates, lumping them together with "militias" and groups that it considered dangerous. It even named Congressman Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin specifically, implying that anyone who even had a bumper sticker supporting those political candidates were unamerican. Likewise, anyone who opposes abortion and a host of other Christian issues.


It seems that the state of Missouri bit off more than it could chew. To use President Bush's new word, I think they "misunderestimated" the people of Missouri and the fact that it is a very conservative state. There were a lot of conservative Christians (voters) were were quite offended. So the governor had to back down and rescind the order.


Does this indicate genuine repentance? or is merely a political expediency? In case of martial law, will they go back to Plan A? That is the question, and the answer is yet untested.

This is one reason why I have opposed the Bush-Cheney torture policies. Once Pandora's box has been opened, who is to prevent the government from using these methods on Christians at a later time? Bush has tried to legalize torture on "enemy combatants," but what is to prevent the next administration from defining anti-abortionists or Ron Paul supporters as "enemy combatants"???

We are coming down the home stretch, where the Babylonian empire is fighting for its life, and they consider it their right to survive at all costs--especially at the expense of its political or spiritual opposition. Unless the Christians themselves repent soon, we could be facing a very dangerous time in Amerika.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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