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Foxes Guarding the Hen House

Mar 21, 2009

We have all seen how "government" regulators fell down on the job insofar as the economic system is concerned. The Bernie Madoff fraud was made possible by winks, nods, and probably with bribes in Swiss bank accounts. But the problem is not limited to the financial world. The foxes have been hired in many other layers of government to guard their respective hen houses.

The problem is that government regulators are usually "experts" taken from the corporate field. They are supposed to resign their posts when they come to work for the government, but in practice, too often it turns out that those same people are sent into government work not to oversee and regulate their old companies, but in the best interest of those old companies.

Hence, Treasury Secretaries come from major financial companies who now want bailouts and bonuses. It's not surprising that the money goes to their friends in the business, rather than to the peons in the field whom they never met.

The same oversight problem is now being seen in the FDA and the world of food production. Monsanto wants a monopoly on the world's food, and hence it produces genetically modified seeds that can be patented. If Monsanto had its way, all other seeds would be destroyed so it could fulfill its "obligation" to the bottom line and the shareholders--mostly those who own large amounts of stock in the company.

So government is working on HR 875, a bill that would force many of Monsanto's small competitors, like organic farmers, out of business. In the name of "safety," they force small businesses to invest millions of dollars into equipment or buildings. They cannot do this, of course, so they are run out of business.


It is my belief that creating genetically-modified seeds are a violation of biblical law. It is an attempt for men to take over what God has created, claiming that man does a better job. But in the end, it is all a matter of control. It puts the little guy out of business and elevates the devious ones into positions of power. That is part of the Babylonian mindset.

I have noticed that the organic seed business is now booming, as people are stocking up on good seeds before Monsanto uses the government to make it impossible to obtain them.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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