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Babylon collapsing from the weight of its own sin

Mar 05, 2009

Financial sin has been going on for a long time. I call it "sin," because it is not always a "crime" by the standards of man's laws. Sin is crime against God's laws.

The power to create money out of nothing and loan it to governments at interest is a sin, but not a crime. That is because Congress was tricked into legalizing this sin toward the end of 1913, and President Woodrow Wilson was blackmailed into signing it into law by those who knew of his affair with Mary Peck.

Financial crimes, however, are not limited to banking. It is also being practiced in business by unscrupulous men today. It is done every time men buy what are called "naked shorts." This term is familiar to those in the financial industry, but the average person knows nothing about it.

When men see a small-size company that is struggling and vulnerable, they will sell shares of stock in that company which they do not even own. They take advantage of a loophole in the law, because at the end of the day whoever bought their non-existent shares only gets an IOU for those shares.

So if a corporation has issued a million shares, and some unscrupulous men sell another million shares as if they existed, this would create the appearance of the market having two million shares. The net effect is that they create an excess of shares and a shortage of buyers, which then drives down the price.

In effect, the IOU itself creates the appearance of existing shares, but in reality they do not exist. Theoretically, when the one holding the IOU demands real shares, they must be given those shares. But that takes time, and meanwhile, these men have created a glut of shares being sold, which has caused the price of those shares to drop sharply. So when the IOU is finally filled with real shares, it is at a much lower price. The naked short seller has made a big profit, because he has sold an IOU at the higher price, and then fulfilled the promise by purchasing those shares at the much lower price. Meanwhile, because he created a glut of virtual shares, and swamped the buyers with sell orders, he was able to manipulate the price down, and he could then pocket the difference.

In the process, the company's shares go through the floor, and its credit ratings go down. Everyone becomes alarmed and begin selling their shares, thinking that there is something fundamentally wrong with the company. It is not long before the company is in serious trouble and is in danger of bankruptcy. The unemployment rate goes up, and so on. All because a few predators in the financial world wanted to make money.

That is a Wall Street crime. If you want to learn more about how this is done, go to:


The same thing has been done with silver and gold for decades in order to keep those prices low. Certain banks, in the attempt to keep the value of the dollar high, have made war on silver and gold over the years. They have sold silver IOU's as if they owned it, creating an apparent glut of silver. There weren't enough buyers to purchase all the IOU's being created, and so the official "spot price" of silver was driven downward. Gold, too, but because of its large quantity and high price, it has taken much more manipulative power to do the same with gold.

This is a crime in progress right now, while the government regulators pretend to investigate. What do we do when the investigators work for the financial criminals and get paid through secret Swiss bank accounts?


It all comes down to selling things that one does not have, creating something out of nothing. These people pretend to be gods. The result is that the Babylonian kingdoms of men are undermined by the greed and pride of the very ones who participate in them. All of men's kingdoms are temporary, because they are all fatally flawed by the character of the power brokers and the faulty laws on which they operate.

There is only one Kingdom that will never end. It is the Kingdom of God. But God's Kingdom has been coming in three stages. First, under Moses, we saw a Passover Kingdom established. In Acts 2, this was upgraded to a Pentecost Kingdom. But even Pentecost is a leavened feast (Lev. 23:17), and men usurped power (the Saul factor).

We are now coming into that final Age in which we are seeing the emergence of the Tabernacles Kingdom. This Kingdom will be ruled by perfected saints, those of the First Resurrection, the true Order of Melchizedek, who will have direct access to God as well as the "outer court" on earth (Ez. 44:15-17). The laws of God will be the law of the land and will set the standard of right and wrong in all places where Jesus Christ has jurisdiction.

I do not know how long this transition will be between the jurisdiction of Babylon and that of the Kingdom of God. But I think there is much evidence that the Babylon-based kingdoms of men are reaching the end of their time. Babylon is being destroyed internally by its own corrupt citizens and imperfect laws. The feet of this beast, which have crushed men for years (Dan. 7:19), will in turn be crushed by the Stone (Dan. 2:34, 35).

Daniel 7:21, 22 says,

" (21) I kept looking, and that horn [power] was waging war with the saints and overpowering them (22) until the Ancient of Days came, and judgment was passed in favor of the saints of the Highest One, and the time arrived when the saints took possession of the Kingdom."

In November 1993 we took this matter to the Ancient of Days in the Divine Court, on the grounds that Babylon had reached the end of its allotment of time to rule the earth, and it had abused its God-given power. The court battle took 13 years, and it finally ended October 7, 2006. The verdict was in favor of the saints of the Most High.

That is why we are seeing the collapse of Babylon today. The good news is that with this collapse we are also seeing the rise of the Kingdom of God upon the earth. So look up; your redemption is drawing near.

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