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Results of the Time of Fasting

Feb 10, 2009

At the beginning of the recent time of fasting (Feb. 1-7), the Father said that the event on the Feb. 9 watch day would "not be dramatic" in its manifestation. So I did not expect something like a 911 situation. I did not know if we would see a smaller, perhaps hidden news story, or if it would be personal, or whatever.

But then last Sunday a friend told me that he had physically seen a shooting star actually hit the earth last week. It seemed important and asked me if it might have some meaning as a sign of the times. What came to me was that either "Satan fell as lightning" (Luke 10:18), or that it had to do with leaders. The sun, moon, and stars are symbols of leadership, either nationally or spiritually.

In discussing this, it drew my attention to last year's event on Feb. 9, where an old pastor died precisely 22 years after a spiritual problem had developed (Feb. 9, 1986). I wrote about this in chapter 49 of my recent book, The Wars of the Lord. (It is available from us for $20 + $5 postage.) Here is what I wrote on page 247,

"An interesting sign of this then took place two months later on Feb. 9, 2008, bringing closure to a situation that occurred many years ago on Feb. 9, 1986. We were living in Batesville, Arkansas at the time, and I was teaching in an independent church there. The pastor and I were good friends and in many ways he was a father to me.

"The bottom line is that the pastor became a type of Saul, and some of us felt we had little choice but to leave as the result of a meeting held on Feb. 9, 1986. The issue was whether or not we should be in submission to men, rather than to God.

"The pastor in question died on Feb. 9, 2008, precisely 22 years later. It was also the 40th day of the year."

I then told how King Saul was disqualified in his 18th year after the war with the Amalekites. Saul's refusal to complete the job passed the curse of Amalek (Ex. 17:14-16) upon Saul, because a judge can only forgive sin if he is willing to pay its penalty himself. (By the same law, Jesus took upon Himself our sins at the cross.)

Anyway, Samuel took matters into his own hands, which gave Saul another 22 years of life, from his 18th year to his 40th year. Saul died in the 40th year of his reign.

In 1986 we spent much effort in intercession for this pastor. So it is interesting that this pastor, playing the role of Saul in this case, died 22 years later on precisely the same key date (Feb. 9). And it was the 40th day of the month, even as Saul died in his 40th year.

Ok, so that all occurred a year ago. In 2009 we discovered that Feb. 9 was a watch date. I had not thought to connect this to the event in 2008 until this past Sunday (Feb. 8) when it was reported that someone had seen a falling star. "How are the mighty fallen!" David lamented in 2 Sam. 1:19.

By evening time on Feb. 9 we discerned that we were under spiritual attack, but we were too tired to pray about it until morning. We should have prayed anyway, because the night did not go so well. At any rate, this morning we prayed and discovered that all the overcomers were under attack. The underlying cause of this attack was part of the parallel with King Saul.

Recall that King Saul consulted the witch of En-dor the night before he died. 1 Sam. 28:6, 7 says,

" (6) And when Saul enquired of the Lord, the Lord answered him not, neither by dreams, nor by Urim, nor by prophets. (7) Then said Saul unto his servants, "Seek me a woman that hath a familiar spirit that I may go to her and enquire of her." And his servants said to him, "Behold, there is a woman that hath a familiar spirit at En-dor."

If you have read my book, Secrets of Time, you may recall that Saul's action put Israel on cursed time, and 414 years later, Jehoiachin paid the price when the Babylonians put him in chains and cast him into a Babylonian dungeon for 37 years. There are consequences to consulting witches, particularly when leaders do this.

In our case today, I do not mean to imply that the pastor from Batesville inquired of a witch. Not at all. However, just being a type of Saul has given opportunity to lay a curse upon the overcomers and perhaps all of Israel. This curse became effective the night of Feb. 8-9, the night before "Saul" died. Last year's event was a one-year warning. It actually came upon us in 2009.

So we were led to deal with it on behalf of the overcomers, so that the Davidic company would not be affected by this curse, even though the Saul company may have a problem with it. Those who are of the Saul company would have to deal with it individually before the Divine Court in order to neutralize its effects upon them.

So now we know the main purpose of this time of fasting from Feb. 1-7, 2009. It was to prepare us to deal with the curse that was about to come upon the nation. It may seem strange that something that happened so long ago with King Saul could have a modern-day effect. But there is no time in the spiritual dimension, and I cannot tell you how often I have seen this kind of thing.

For instance, back in 1984 we held a prayer campaign called "Ye shall go forth" from Aug. 17 to Sept. 3, 1984. It was about preparing the way to go into other nations with the Gospel of the Kingdom under the anointing of the Moses-Elijah ministry. During that time, I had a vision of a light over South Africa. After that prayer campaign, we got involved in other things, and soon I forgot all about it. Then in 2008, the whole situation re-emerged, and I flew to South Africa on Sept. 4.

It was as if the years between 1984 and 2008 did not exist. The story simply picked up where it had left off, as if no time had intervened between Sept. 3, 1984 and Sept. 4, 2008. Of course, I had totally forgotten it and did not discover it until I returned from South Africa.

This is an example of how time does not seem to exist in the heavenly realm. Or at least we can say that time can do some quirky things.

So it makes me wonder if perhaps King Saul died on Feb. 9 in his own day (if we could impose our calendar upon him in his day). There is no way that this can be proven, of course, because such records do not exist. But we did see a type of Saul run into a problem on Feb. 9, 1986, and then because of our intercession, he was given another 22 years to live before dying on Feb. 9, 2008, the 40th day of the year.

So our time of fasting in 2009 has added another chapter to the ongoing story. I will have to write about this in the sequel of The Wars of the Lord, if and when it comes time to write a second volume giving the history of spiritual warfare in our time.

The bad news is that the curse of the witch of En-dor appears to be operational in the world. The good news is that the overcomers are now protected from its full effects.

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