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Prophetic Time Connections to 1929

Feb 27, 2009

On 2/25/09 in the Weblog entitled: That Great Citi Pronounced Dead, I wrote:

It may be that March 4, 2009 will prove to be the key date in our Citibank watch. This date is 490 days after Oct. 31, 2007, when Meredith Whitney first blew the whistle on Citibank. Her article almost single-handedly exposed the banking crisis for what it was and caused "the crisis of confidence" that we see today.


Keep in mind that her article was published on the 490th anniversary of Martin Luther's "95 Theses" that he nailed to the church door in Wittenburg on Halloween, Oct. 31, 1517. So after this 490-year countdown, we may now be seeing a 490-day countdown to the final meltdown of Citibank--or at least to its nationalization, which may amount to the same thing, since the stock would be worthless to all investors at that point.

A reader has now pointed out that there is another interesting time cycle ending on the same date (March 3, 2009).

So-called "Black Tuesday" was the beginning of the Great Depression, when the stock market crashed on October 29, 1929.

From Oct. 29, 1929 to March 3, 2009 is precisely 28,980 days, or 70 x 414 days, or 4140 weeks.

The number 414 is, of course, "Cursed Time," and is the major judgment cycle of biblical history. I spent considerable time explaining it in Secrets of Time.

70 is the number of Restoration and is also the symbolic number for All Nations. (Genesis 10 lists 70 men who were "the beginning of nations." Judah and Jerusalem were sentenced to 70 years' captivity (Jer. 25:11).

The time cycle of 490 years is 70 WEEKS of years, or 70 land-rest years.

All of these are variations of 70's, applied in different ways, each suitable to its own level.

So when we see 70 combined with 414 (70 x 414 days), what does it indicate? What are we to watch for on March 3/4, 2009? Well, at this point, it is largely speculative. My usual answer is: When you see what happens, that's the interpretation!

I don't claim to know. It is easier to identify time cycles and "watch dates" than it is to interpret them ahead of time. But this we know:

1. The date of "Black Tuesday," the great Stock Market Crash of 1929, is linked to March 3, 2009 by the time cycle of 70 x 414 days.

2. The date of Meredith Whitney's article exposing Citibank (Oct. 31, 2007) is linked to March 3, 2009 by the time cycle of 490 days (70 x 7).

It is a date to watch.

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