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Fasting Results--A Double Witness Report

Feb 10, 2009

Anthony Dioka, who works for the U.N. in Nigeria, wrote this today . . . .

Evening of 8 and morning of 9 February:

It was an all out war all through the night.  In a dream, I was walking from my home in the village to my local govt headquarters.  Along the way, I met a stream of people, like Christians coming back from Church.  The tail end of these people waylaid and robbed me of a bag I was carrying containing just papers.  The money was in my two trouser pockets and they forgot to search me.  I continued trekking on.

Then I saw a new road, and a shorter route to my destination.  I took it.  The road was swarming with government security personnel – police, State Security Service, etc. There instruction was to stop and arrest one Anthony Dioka.  I kept walking through their midst undaunted.  One third of the way through this road, one of the security officials walked up to me and asked, ‘Sorry, are you Anthony Dioka?’  I said, No, and kept walking.  A third of the way to the end, another security official came up to me and asked, ‘Are you Anthony Dioka?’ No, I answered again.

As I was getting to the end of the road, a policeman had a brain wave - the prey was slipping through the dragnet – and he started running towards me asking me to ‘wait a minute.’  I ran. A road showed up on my left.  I ran along this road.

Then I was directed in the Spirit to take a path to my right.  As I took it I saw about a hundred metres away a very small group of Christians huddled and singing in muted voices in a batcher made of palm fronds and leaves.  I joined them, and that lifted their spirit.  They changed to the song which was singing in my head.

Keep me Jesus as the apple of the eye.
Hide me under the shadow of your wings.
Save me, Lord, deliver me lest I die.
Keep me Jesus as the apple of the eye.

Soon, we were all standing, singing this song with gusto and great faith.  We were aware that the security goons could hear us but somehow they could not get to us.  Still singing, I woke up.  It was 2:45 a.m.  I went to the living room and prayed for about an hour, and went to bed again.  More warfare.

However, it was the evening of the 9th and morning of 10th February that heaven came down and glory filled my soul.  In a night vision, I was standing at the market square in my town with an old friend.  In the distance, up in the evening sky, we were surprised to see another sun and another moon.  The old sun and moon were setting in the background, while these new ones were more visible.  We walked towards this strange sight which could be seen better from a neighbouring town, some five kilometres away.  As we got closer, we beheld this glorious sight: the moon was moving, followed by this most beautiful crown you have ever seen, backed up by three stars, all glowing in the radiance of the sun.  We followed this heavenly procession back to my town.

Then the moon started coming down.  I noticed we were covered, or rather plated with some silvery substance.  Next, I found myself and a small group of people (less than 20) crowded in a living room.  The moon we saw was now a living ball of fire in our midst. First we were told that the ball of fire will move at our command.  Who was to do the commanding?  I was found worthy.  So, I started moving it as I willed.

One of the people present reached out to touch it. It was like Uzza touching the Ark to steady it.  The living Flame would have consumed him and others but I knelt down and bent over backward in intersession and supplication.  The fury of the Flame was calmed.  Then it was said that the Flame was to be fixed on one of us.  It disappeared, and one of the people present said to me, ‘look at your back, the Flame is fixed on you!’  I looked and saw my entire back glowing with fire, but I was not burned.

Next we ran out very happy.  As I ran ahead of the group, I lifted up and was airborne.  The others looked up at me and wondered what to do.  I made a sign to them to follow me, and one by one up they came and we were wafting through the air like Icarus and Daedalus.  We got to a very beautiful field/farm.  We came down to take a walk through this beautiful field.  After which we were airborne again until we found ourselves in Benin City.  We landed in New Benin along New Lagos Road.

I woke up, and it was 1: 45 a.m.  My being was suffused with so much divine energy that I could not sleep till around 5 a.m. when I just lay in bed to continue savouring the experience and adoring the Lord God of my salvation.

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