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Fast Day #2

Feb 02, 2009

This is the second day of a week-long fast that parallels a similar fast from Feb. 1-7, 1983. The watch date given to me two nights ago was February 9.

This morning I was able to go back to my 1983 notebook and see what sort of revelations were written there and to see if perhaps these are applicable this year.

In 1983, I recorded nothing until February 4th, other than to record a simple notation on Feb. 1st that I had begun a 7-day fast that day. So it was a few days before I would receive any direct revelation. I will share those revelations on the parallel date this week if they are applicable.

I did note, however, that Feb. 9, 1983 was quite significant and obviously relates to divine judgment upon the rulers of Babylon, as well as their replacement by the overcomers. I was first given Psalm 47:3 and 8,

" (3) He subdues peoples under us, and nations under our feet."

" (8) God reigns over the nations, God sits on His throne."

I was also given Jonah 3:4, "Yet 40 days and Nineveh shall be overthrown."

In 1983 this 40-day period turned out to be Feb. 28 to April 9. Within that time frame, I had to make a 30-day trip, leaving March 10 and returning by the night of April 8. At the time, I knew little or nothing about prophetic time cycles, and so I was unaware that both the 40 days and the 30 days were part of a 76-day cycle that had begun on January 23, 1983.

Dec. 5, 1981 to Jan. 23, 1983 = 414 days (Cursed Time)
Jan. 23, 1983 to April 9, 1983 = 76 days (Cleansing)
TOTAL = 490 days (Blessed Time)

Every year, of course, we see 76-day cycles around this time, as if God has instituted a time of cleansing in order to prepare for the work in the coming year, ending at the Feast of Tabernacles. In fact, we have observed TWO 76-day cycles back to back each year. At the present time, we are in the second 76-day cycle.

We have occasionally seen more than one beginning point for these cycles. This happened in 1981, 1985, 1986, and in 2006. The present time cycle began Nov. 5-11, 2008, and 76 days later comes to Jan. 20-26, with January 23 also an important date.

The second 76 days ends April 4-12.

Jan. 20 - April 6
Jan. 23 - April 9 (Passover)
Jan. 26 - April 12 (Wave-sheaf offering)

The Stone Kingdom Ministries conference will be held from April 10-12 this year in Manassas, VA. That should be interesting. I am one of the scheduled speakers, so I plan to be there.

As I said earlier, April 9 is the end of 76 days, but it is also the end of 40 days and 30 days. The revelation from 1983 will probably prove to be more applicable in 2009 than in earlier years.

Back in 1983 we rented a house from a man who had been unable to sell it for the previous 3 years. Then on Feb. 9 he sold the house and gave us a 60-day notice that we had to vacate the house by April 9. Since I already had gotten the Word that I was to go on a 30-day trip from March 10 to April 9, this notice meant that we would have to move in just 30 days.

We found a house on March 6 and moved into it from March 7-9, and then I left on my 30-day trip on March 10. The events at that time took place on a squeaky-tight schedule, leaving no room for error. This tells me that the dates were important--probably because they prophesied of future years when we would follow similar patterns.

Anthony Dioka wrote to me after reading the first blog (Fast Day #1), telling me that these dates fit precisely with the pattern that he experienced a year ago (2007-08). He wrote:

"On 28 November (2007) a satanic 'comet' smashed into me. The force of the impact was such that I felt my entire being pulverized, and for ten days, I was wondering whether I was a disembodied spirit--I had to touch my body to know and feel that I was still flesh and blood. I was wondering whether the pull of gravity was still working, as I felt myself floating around. It was an airy, eerie experience."

I know the feeling, Anthony. I had it for three days from July 14-16, 1986. It really is eerie, but I later discovered that it was an early sign of the feast of Tabernacles and the new body that we will receive.

I was delivered of this strange experience after just three days after asking God to lift this from me.  It was too hard for me to function at work, because my seat of normal consciousness appeared to be shifting from my brain (carnal mind) to the spiritual mind, and it became difficult to do my job at the company where I was working.

Anthony says that his experience lasted ten days. And then in January 2008 he began to experience extreme pain throughout the month.

"Then Sunday 9 February the light broke through," he wrote. This breakthrough came a year ago.

I do not know yet how the present pattern is to be fulfilled, but it should clarify with time. That, after all, is one of the purposes of this time of fasting. It is to receive the revelation necessary to carry on the work that is ahead. I do have further details from 1983, since I kept an extensive journal, but rather than try to make projections for 2009, I will wait and see how things develop. That way I can make more definite statements.

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