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Civil War II Update--22 States Declare Sovereignty

Feb 17, 2009

A declaration of sovereignty is not the same as secession (the problem in 1860), but more and more states are doing what they can to fight federal encroachment.


In Arkansas you can now carry a concealed weapon to Church. A lot of other states now permit people to carry weapons. Restrictions have been lifted in order to give good people the right to defend themselves from bad people carrying weapons.


For many years the federal government has worked hard to increase their power and to restrict and remove weaponry from the people so that the people have no power to fight back. Washington has overplayed its hand, and it looks to me like the inevitable backlash is now gaining steam. We have reached the point where the people are willing to do something, and I suspect that this economic downturn has added momentum to the unrest.

With 22 states now declaring sovereignty on the basis of the Constitution, and telling the federal government that they have no power unless it is specifically granted to it in the Constitution, the backlash will soon include a majority of the states. The Tenth Amendment (the final one in the Bill of Rights) states:

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Who knows where this will all end. Perhaps the people will all leave Babylon without actually traveling anywhere. Could they simply get their heads together and decide to reinstate the Constitution as the document establishing their new nation? Not without a fight. They will probably have to take the gun out of the federal government’s cold, clammy hands.

There are powerful forces at work. Remember 2010 is not far away. I think the year 2010 could see the most profound changes in America since the beginning.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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