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Civil War II Brewing

Feb 04, 2009

Last summer, June 14, 2008, the Oklahoma legislature declared its sovereignty.


Then New Hampshire's legislature passed a resolution telling the Federal Government that the state will not abide by the federal government's power grab that goes beyond constitutional limits.


And now Washington state has declared its sovereignty.


Missouri is next. The bill is being introduced now.


It looks like the beginnings of another Civil War with states fighting the feds. It does not appear that they are aware that the constitution was set aside by congress in 1933 in the "national emergency." It was set aside until such time as the president should end the emergency and reinstate the constitution. No president ever did that. Even when a resolution was introduced 40 years later in 1973 to request the president to do so. The resolution was voted down then.

Perhaps President Obama will listen and take the extraordinary step of repealing the 1933 national emergency. Such an action would have enormous implications, legally speaking, and it would hit Mystery Babylon right between the eyes.

Sort of like a David and Goliath thing.

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