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California near bankruptcy

Feb 06, 2009

California now has the lowest credit rating of all the states in America. It is projecting a $42 billion shortfall between now and June 2010. That, of course, is probably based upon the current state of the economy. So I doubt if that is a realistic figure, since virtually everyone, including President Obama, is now saying that the economy will get worse before it gets better, and that this downturn will last well into next year.

California counties are threatening a tax revolt, after the State "deferred payments" to them for a month in order to save money. The counties are being told to make bricks and to go get their own materials--and don't you dare make fewer bricks than last month.

Government officials are quaking in their boots over this economic situation. So I hear from an insider who knows and talks with them regularly. They are afraid of civil unrest, riots, strikes, etc. In short, they are afraid of another American Revolution. Since this nation was founded on revolution, the government has always been afraid of the people. That is why they keep trying to disarm the American public by watering down, reinterpreting, or repealing the Second Ammendment, the "Right to bear arms."

Certainly, with the States themselves in revolt, passing sovereignty bills and telling the federal government to stop grabbing powers not given to it in the Constitution, there is growing civil unrest. I think this is a serious situation. Even though it has not gone too far yet, it has a lot of potential and could easily and quickly bring down the whole Babylonian system.

So be watchful.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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