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Bank of America--Another Symbolic Collapse or Takeover

Feb 26, 2009

Yesterday I referred to an internet article where the author pronounced both Citibank and Bank of America DEAD. By the way, CITIGROUP is the parent company of CITIBANK. For our purposes, they are the same. I quoted from another part of the article, but here is how the article itself begins (in case you did not read it yesterday) . . .

Citigroup (C) declined 61% from a peak of $4.10 to an intraday low of $1.61 over just 10 trading days. Bluntly put: Citigroup is dead.

Bank of America (BAC) declined 64% from a peak of $7.05 to an intraday low of $2.53 over just 10 trading days. Bluntly put: Bank of America is dead.

Dead actually means dead. It is unlikely they can survive the weekend... and if they do, they most definitely cannot survive the week.


Today, I heard from a reader who pointed out something about Bank of America that I did not know. Apparently, precisely 39 years before yesterday's article--Feb. 25, 1970--a Vietnam era protest turned violent, and people burned down the Bank of America in Isla Vista, California. Our reader was there at the time, and so he used the marvelous Google to look it up. In so doing, he discovered the date of the event.


At the beginning of the article, we are given an Editor's Note:

Editor’s Note: February 2005 marks the 35th anniversary of student protests that rocked the UCSB campus in 1970. In reaction to the firing of professor Bill Allen and the expanding war in Vietnam, rioting students burned down the Isla Vista Bank of America on Feb. 25, 1970.

Energized by Kunstler’s speech and a fresh example of perceived police brutality, the stone throwing expanded. Vandals shattered windows at realtor companies throughout Isla Vista and then aimed their rocks at the windows of the Bank of America.

Before sunrise on Feb 26, a night of street rioting would leave the Bank of America - present-day Embarcadero Hall - in a pile of ashes. The downtown area of Isla Vista would slouch in a cloud of tear gas.

COMMENT: Perhaps just coincidence, but there appears to be a prophetic link between Feb. 25, 1970 and Feb. 25, 2009. Both dates have to do with the Bank of America. Biblically speaking, 39 is the number of Infirmity (feeble, unhealthy state). Perhaps it took 39 years for BoA to be pronounced DEAD.

"That Great Citi" is a prophetic reference to Babylon, while Bank of America hits us more personally as Babylon's primary host nation.

March 4 is 490 days after Meredith Whitney's whistle-blowing article on Citibank (Oct. 31, 2007). She published it precisely 490 YEARS after Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses on the Church door in Wittenberg. By the way, did you make the connection? Whitney-Wittenberg. Both come from the same root word for "white." Both Luther and Whitney were concerned with the use and abuse of MONEY. Luther's primary concern was about "indulgences" being used to blackmail the people into giving money to the Church. Whitney's concern was about the misuse of money in Citibank.

Luther's focus was upon the "beast from the sea" (the Roman Church) and its misuse of money. Whitney's focus was upon the "beast from the earth" (banking system) and its misuse of money. Since the love of money (greed) is the root of all evil, it is no surprise that evil men in both beast systems would misuse money and use fraud and deceit to extract more of it from the true believers of each beast system.

March 4, 2009 is 490 days after Meredith Whitney's report. March 3rd is the 490th day, so it bears watching as well.

March 3, 2009 is also 210 x 13 days after 9-11-01 (Twin Towers Disaster). Remember this number?

210 x 12 = 2,520 (years). The "12" refers to the 12 tribes of Israel in Numbers 7, each of which offered a total of 210 shekels (weight) in the dedication of Moses' Tabernacle. They offered 70 + 130 + 10 shekels of weight each, which totals 2,520 shekels. If you account for Levi, the 13th tribe, and add another 210, you come to 2730.

I took note of this back in 1992 when this revelation first hit me as I was driving through Montana. From the beginning of Israel's captivity in 745 B.C., if you add 2,520 years, you come to 1776 and the Declaration of Independence. That is 210 x 12 years. Add another 210 years to account for Levi, and it brings us to 1986, which is the 120th Jubilee from Adam.

If you begin with the fall of Samaria in 721 B.C., adding 2,520 years brings us to the year 1800 when Washington D.C. was completed. A 13th period of 210 (accounting for Levi) brings us to the year 2010. That brings us up to date. The point is that we are really dealing with a total period of 2730 years (210 x 13), and that is why March 3, 2009 could prove to be important. It is 2730 DAYS after 911 as well as the 490th day from Meredith Whitney's article.

The biblical "weights and measures" are prophetic TIME measures, as I have shown in past articles. Numbers 7 shows the prophetic connection between weights and time. Rev. 11 shows the prophetic connection between linear measurements and time. A "reed" is 42 handbreadths, and it translates into "42 months" (Rev. 11:1, 2).

A reed is 6 cubits of the sanctuary, or 7 regular cubits.

This is because a cubit of the sanctuary was a bit longer--one handbreadth longer (Ezekiel 40:5). So a cubit of the sanctuary was 7 handbreadths in length, while a regular cubit was only 6 handbreadths.

Their common denominator was 42--a reed--because it was either 7 regular cubits or 6 cubits of the sanctuary.

Thus, a handbreadth equals one month in prophecy. A reed of 42 handbreadths equals 42 months.

I know, it's so complicated. Just wait till I tell you about the prophetic significance of CAPACITY (i.e., omer, ephah, and homer).

10 omers = 1 ephah (Passover-Pentecost).
10 ephahs = 1 homer (Tabernacles).

Sigh, enough is enough.

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