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The Gaza Gas War

Jan 20, 2009

Now that a cease-fire has been arranged between the Israelis and the government of Gaza, the Israelis have made public the natural gas deposits off the coast of Haifa and Gaza.

Most of the gas deposits are off the coast of Gaza, and the Israelis invaded Gaza in order to destroy Hamas (i.e., the Gaza government), so that they can claim ALL the gas deposits, including that of Gaza. As long as Gaza had a government, the Israelis could not claim most of the gas. I suspect that they will now claim that Gaza has no government, therefore the contracts that Gaza has already signed with Egyptians to develop those fields will be considered defunct.

The media tried hard to make this a war between Israel and Hamas, rather than between Israel and Gaza (gov't), so that they could claim to be fighting "gunmen" and "terrorists" without mentioning the simple fact that they were fighting to destroy the government of Gaza.

The Israelis succeeded in many of their objectives, although Gaza still does have a government. Yet they destroyed thousands of homes, government buildings, U.N. headquarters, schools, etc. in order to destroy Gaza as an independent nation. This big refugee camp is now in shambles, and the Israelis are hoping that the people will find it impossible to live there any longer. They hope that they will immigrate to Egypt or other places, so that the Israelis can forbid them to return ever again.

This war has proved to be the beginning of the destruction of Gaza and the displacement of the people, so that the Israelis can take over the land itself, and also lay claim to the gas deposits offshore.

It's just another way in which Esau is proving himself to be unworthy of the birthright. God will disinherit them at the appropriate time, after using them to judge the rest of the world--particularly America and the Church.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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