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Riots are a sign of things to come

Jan 22, 2009

Rioting has erupted in Iceland, Latvia, and Bulgaria, with people storming Parliaments and pelting the buildings with yogurt and other inexpensive means of protest. The following article projects riots in other countries beginning around March-May, 2009.


Of course, government officials have the military at their disposal to force the people to allow them to keep their jobs. After all, they were elected in a democratic process.

There is discussion now among the talking heads on television that America may have to nationalize the banks. In other words, they broke it, we buy it. So far, no one is breathing a word about nationalizing the Fed. That subject is yet taboo. But the depression is yet young, and most people are still uninformed about the roots of the economic crisis. It will be interesting to watch this unfold.

Last week alone another 580,000 people filed for unemployment. That was on today's news on PBS. Microsoft and Intel are laying off thousands. IBM too is secretly laying off many people.


Many think companies should have to lay off overseas workers first. Such an action would abandon the free trade agreements like NAFTA and GATT, which have destroyed America's manufacturing base--as it was designed to do. I think that as the Depression II spreads, these free trade agreements will disintegrate as each nation adopts a policy of "every man for himself." They won't have much choice.

The GATT Treaty, if you recall, was adopted on Nov. 29, 1994, precisely 12 months after our Jubilee Prayer Campaign in 1993. That was when Speaker of the House, Tom Foley, resigned, fulfilling the pattern of Daniel 4. I wrote about that in previous blogs, and it is in a chapter of my book, The Wars of the Lord. It is $20 plus $5 postage. You can email me for a copy at godskingdm@aol.com and pay through the "Donation" button or by check.

My point is that GATT ensured the downfall of Mystery Babylon by destroying our manufacturing base, because when one company uses cheap labor overseas, it forces all of their competitors to do the same in order to stay competitive. Soon all related jobs are "outsourced," as the euphemism goes. America has been turned into a financial and service-based economy, because we produce less and less goods each year.

By March 2005 American manufacturing employment had dipped below the 1945 level.


Because each manufacturing job spawns another four jobs, it is not hard to see why the unemployment rate is rising. Are politicians really that stupid? Were they bribed with money in Swiss bank accounts? Were they threatened with a cut-off in funds for re-election? The basic facts about "free trade" are pretty obvious even to the average person. Certainly, the results are obvious to all.

Yet we continue to hear remarks like "Certainly, we don't want to go back to the old protectionism of the past." These are the same people who don't want to nationalize the Fed and take back the power to create real money instead of a bunch of debt notes.

The Babylonian system is like a drug. One can get a financial "high" for a while, but in the end it proves to be totally unsustainable as the debts mount to the skies and no one knows who the creditors are.

The Babylonian leaders will fall because they are greedy and full of pride. They want to own the whole world, and they think they deserve it because they are better than everyone else. But the seeds of their destruction were sown at the beginning. God has sold us into their hands even as He sold Israel for their sin throughout the book of Judges. If our Babylonian masters had recognized God and His Divine Court, they would have released us after the time of judgment was completed. But they did not. Neither did ancient Babylon (Jer. 50:33). That was Babylon's fatal mistake, and it is Mystery Babylon's fatal mistake as well.

So when you see riots in the streets, my advice is NOT to join with them. Those people are angry because they do not know the bigger picture and the purposes of God. They want God to bless them in their sin, whereas God has brought this trouble upon them to judge and correct them, so that they will repent, learn, and implement the laws of the Kingdom.

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